Playing Destiny made me lazy

Sorry for the wall of text . But I think its worth it.
Destiny and COD made me lazy. I play all the shooters(Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield, COD Plants Vs Zombies, etc). I find each have at least one thing unique to offer. With that said, I just realized today that Destiny and COD had made me lazy. What do I mean by that? Well its quite simple. It easy to get kills in those games. You don’t have to be precise in your shots. You don’t need headshots to get kills.
I also confess that a lot of my kills in Halo 4 are either banshee or mantis kills. Probably close to at least 40% in BTB. I can get kills with the BR and DMR in Halo 4 but its Is usually because I catch somebody off guard focused on another player in BTB. With 1 vs 1 duels In Halo 4 I would say I’m only about 50% win/loss. So I really hadn’t given it much thought. I thought Halo 5 would be like 4 and no problems. I really do well in all these other shooters so I though I should do well in Halo 5.
Boy was I wrong. I have quite struggled frankly. The first month I was averaging .50 KD to .75 KD. That’s terrible for me in comparison to Halo 4 and other shooters. As a result, I’ve been very frustrated with H5. Cussed and have come close to just moving to another game and forgetting about H5. Then this past week, I’ve been debating with people on here about the significance of headshots. I won’t go into detail. But it did get me thinking. So what I have decided to do today was I said I would do nothing but focus on headshots. I will ignore everything else in the game. I will strictly focus on headshots. Historically I’m quite bad at being consistent with headshots so I don’t hardly play SWAT
. But today I said well I might as well play since it is my job to do nothing but focus HEADSHOT, HEADSHOT, HEADSHOT. I was literally awesome(in comparison to prior matches in H5). I led my team in scoring in the first game. We won. I had a 2.0 KD in the second game we won. I have NEVER, NEVER had a KD of 2.0 in SWAT. I played a third game. I did well again. And we won. I played warzone. Did good there too in spite of my team losing. I jumped over and played MCC in different gametypes. Did awesome except for one game in Action Sack. But that was rockets and Spartan lasers. So that’s ok. I’m finally , finally having fun in Halo 5. Yes I have to at least be able to carry my weight to have fun. I did not realize until today how much the other games had influenced my gameplay. Lesson learned. It might be elementary to some here. But to others it might not be.

I am very glad that halo is able to have it’s skillgap be so wide. Stories like these are the ones that make my day. I love hearing about people realizing the beauty of games that have bigger skillgaps. I never liked CoD and have not played an extensive amount of GoW, so halo is the only big FPS that I play. I love the strategy that is required to win, I feel that if more games needed strategy, the gaming world would be much more interesting.