Playing after 2 years, very sad...

Hi guys, I’ve played halo 5 from the start but I haven’t played the last 2 years, now I bought myself a new controller and started, does it happen to you, you find impossible to find big games as warzone or big team battle? Maybe its my nat? I play in Spain, europe, but don’t know if its because here is so little population or what is the problem, anybody knows anything?

What is your preferred matchmaking search?

The quickest way to get a game is to use ‘Extended’, the slowest is ‘Focused’.
I’m in the EU and very rarely get games on ‘Focused’ and even then it’s after several "Unable to Join"s.

I often play slayer and firefight but it is because I haven’t been able to find any game to join in BTB or Pvp firefight, I got impatient waitin 2 minutes xD, but I use extended search i think Im going to check my nat, because i haven’t done yet,

I would guess that BTB and PvP would take the longest, for different reasons: the former needs many players to matchmake and the latter probably would not have many wanting to play.

But yeah, i’m impatient too so end up either in the team getting stomped on or in the team doing the stomping.
I would guess there’s a lot of fireteams use extended so games become very biased.

Halo 5: Guardians is not as popular as it was years ago. Many people, including myself, are super burnt out.

Low population means you can’t always find a match immediately. The time of day you play also makes a difference since you need a lot of people to play WZ and BTB.