Players Who Want To Win In MCC & Halo 5

Hey everyone,

I have had a tough time winning in MCC because of players who aren’t working together as a team and it can get kinda annoying when you have nobody to play with. I play regardless of whether or not I have a team, it’s just that my stats have been suffering because I don’t have any decent teammates. So, this is where you guys come in. If you are looking to work together and win in both MCC and Halo 5, feel free to add me.

However, take note that I despise Halo 3’s multiplayer so if you want to play that, you probably won’t want to add me. Once Halo 5 comes out, I am not returning to MCC so if you only plan on adding me for MCC only, you probably won’t want to add me.

Also, I am a college student and will be returning to school in a few weeks so I may not be online all that often, but I will still do my best to get online and game.

If all of this sounds good to you, then I am sure we’ll get along just fine. Hoping to meet some more people soon!