Players shouldn't be bored after the first week of the Beta

I’m out of ‘challenges’, the game now rewards me 50xp for any match completed, win or lose. And I have 2 days until I am allowed to progress further, outside of the (laughable) 50xp per match.

I find myself playing Bot Slayer just to get matches done quickly, and as there is no xp reward for performance in any gametype, we might as well play the game mode that is over the fastest.

What happened to Halo? I have spent years of my life with this series, and I love it more than any game title out there. But this is ridiculous! Don’t limit your player base by “Drip Feeding” the challenges, if I want to level up in your game, let me do that! Don’t throttle my game time behind false pretenses and an atrocious Battle Pass system that rewards a credit card over actual game time! Amd speaking of the Battle Pass… oh boy, you know where this is going.

You’re not a young indy company that needs a financial assist, you’re 343 industries for crying out loud! Stop this cash grab scheme before you lose your reputation. Halo doesn’t need this negative spotlight.

This is bad my dudes. Halo 5 was the start of the “spend money to look cooler, sooner” slope, but at least Halo 5 constantly rewarded the player for playing the game.

Infinite is literally locking 90% of the players’ ability to customize their Spartan behind a paywall. A crying shame.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. I love Halo, and Infinite feels great to play! But everything outside of “Round Start” to “Game Over” is just awful.


I’d be having a lot more fun if the game wasn’t punishing me for it.


This development cycle 343i learns you need to hang an ATTAINABLE carrot in front of your players. Not feed them piecemeal bites of grains.

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Go back to COD. If you don’t play how halo plays stop playing. This game runs fantastically and it’s not boring. Sheesh.

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When I read this it really feels like a self fulfilling prophecy. You focus on maximising progression so making the game a job/grind instead of playing it.

For now it seems you can take 5 months to complete the pass so cut the progression carrot of your stick and have some fun by for example trying to get max rank, Uber in BTB matches or mastering the grapple

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You’re not wrong, I am a ‘completionist’ by heart, and I do enjoy having my boots on the ground and playing the objective, or driving the Hog, and even Fiesta to play around with each weapon and equipment without having to race someone to the Graplle or Repulsor.

My only complaint there lies in the distribution of experience points. I can spend nearly 20 minutes in a Big Team match, and get rewarded the same amount of experience points for a ~3 minute match in Bot Slayer. That’s not cool.

Sure, playing against humans is more fun and certainly more challenging, but I want to rank up. That is my main focus.

Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot, but I can’t play the brand new Halo game the way I want to play it. That’s lame.

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