Players Quitting in 3v3

I recently came back to playing Halo Wars 2, and I’m noticing a trend in every single match it feels like. It seems like if things aren’t going perfectly for someone, or whatever, they just Resign from the match. In a 3v3 game mode, if one player drops it all but assures the rest of their team will get wasted. Something needs to be done to correct this. Like if a player resigns from the match, the remaining team members should get some kind of assistance like their units getting a buff across the board to try and compensate for the lack of a player’s army.

Something needs to be done. Cause this is killing the experience, at least for me.

Unfortunately players don’t want to give the enemy team the satisfaction of blowing up their forces and bases while all they can do is sit and watch.

But the games can last a long amount of time. They may have had to go because they’ve been in the same match for an hour and a half and have a job to go to or something.

But like 10 minutes in the game is a diffrent story. The only time I quite is because of base rusher (they want the game over with so I help them)