Players online maximum on a map?

Guesses? Xbox One is more advanced than Xbox 360.

Just because something is more advanced doesn’t mean we need more people in a game. I can see maybe BTB going up to 9v9 similar to CoD has done with Ground War but I don’t we should go to the level of something like 16v16 with bigger maps.

Fully agree, Ryan.

I’d be fine if they stick with the current 16 player cap, but i think if they raised it to 24 you could get some interesting results. 12v12 might be a bit much, but an 8v8v8 multi team, or even a 6v6v6v6 could be really fun, at least in custom maps, as these would require maps to be bigger than what is currently available and I see a portion of the community complaining that maps are too big already.

So what Im saying is that building in support for larger modes might be a good idea even if the main modes don’t increase in size.

12v12 Invasion. Each team is composed of 6 fireteams with 2 players per fire team. That’s the biggest Halo should go for now.

I think the maximum amount of players in a lobby would be 32 (16v16) but I could be dead wrong