Players looking for a "Semi" Classic Expierence...

Hey everyone, I wanna share a game type my friends and I have been playing for a while now. I don’t really play H5 too often anymore but when I do; I play this game type I made called “Tactical Slayer”. My goal with this game type was to create a solid balance between Classic Halo gameplay mixed with a couple of H5’s abilities. I’ve also used 343’s arena maps and changed their weapon layouts to my liking. My friends and I have been enjoying it and I personally wouldn’t mind if future Halo games played similar to this.

Who does this game type cater to? This game type is for players that are looking for gameplay that feels new but also has a Classic feel to it. If you’re the type of player who’s looking for a FULL classic experience, this may not be for you. If you’re a competitive player I have pro game type variants for you guys to try out. Although I might make Competitive versions of the maps way later down the line.

That said if you wanna download and try them out for yourself, follow me on Xbox and go to my files on H5 GT: Blazen Dea7h or you can click on my profile here on Waypoint and download it from my content browser.

Here are settings you can expect when you play.

Assassination Speed: Increased by 10%.

Spartan Abilities: Most of them are turned off, however the only abilities you have are Thruster Pack and Clamber. Thruster Pack now takes 5.5 sec. to recharge from 4 sec.

Movement: Sprint is turned off, so your BMS has been increased by 20%.

Motion Tracker: Its default and the range has been increased from 18m to 20m. Motion Tracker is turned off when playing pro game type variants.

Loadouts: Your starting weapons are AR/Mag. and 2x Frags. Your starting weapons when playing pro variants are BR/GFM and 2x Frags. If you’re not a fan of this loadout then you can go ahead and switch it to Magnum only starts.

Breakout Loadouts: Starting weapons are SMG/Mag. and 2x Frags. Pro variant will be Magnum only starts with 2x Frags.

Game Modes:
Tactical Slayer
Tactical Team Slayer
Tactical Pro Slayer
Tactical Pro Team Slayer
Tactical CTF
Tactical CTF 5
Tactical Pro CTF
Tactical Pro CTF 5
Tactical Strongholds
Tactical Pro Strongholds
Tactical Breakout
Tactical Pro Breakout
Tactical Oddball
Tactical Team Oddball
Tactical Pro Oddball
Tac Pro Team Oddball

Tactical Altitude
Tactical Coliseum
Tactical Crossfire
Tactical Eden
Tactical Empire
Tactical Fathom
Tactical Gambol
Tactical Mercy
Tactical Molten
Tactical Overgrowth
Tactical Plaza
Tactical Regret
Tactical Riptide
Tactical Stasis
Tactical The Rig
Tactical Torque
Tactical Trench
Tactical Trident
Tactical Truth
Tactical Tyrant

Weapon Spawn Times:

Tier 1/Loadout Weapons: 30s
These are weapons such as the Carbine, Light Rifle, Battle Rifle, Suppressor, etc.

Tier 2/Semi Power Weapons: 1min.
These are weapons such as the Shotgun, Hydra, Scattershot, Energy Sword, etc.

Tier 3/Power Weapons: 2min.
These are weapons such as the Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Plasma Caster, etc.

Ammo for some weapons have been adjusted as well.

I don’t post too often but I wanted to share this to anyone who’s looking for a new way to play H5. I know there’s people who want classic Halo back. While I personally don’t mind classic Halo I want something in the middle and this is what I came up with. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and have a good day.