Players dropping out of RANKED matches needs addressed [EDIT]

Not everyone is like me and has no life, no job, no reason to not be on the computer. People need to go to their jobs to pay the bills, also Xbox gold isn’t free, nor is internet.

They really should try to make pushes towards people finding friends they enjoy playing with and partying up instead of solo ( or even duo ) queuing. There’s only so much an AI matchmaker can do when it comes to pairing individuals and the optimal way to play will always be partying up before hand.

In the current climate in the US that may be very hard…

You can make friends with people you meet in game too lol

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this seriously needs to be looked into. the amount of times i have been down THREE teammates in ranked AND lost ranked progress because of it is ridiculous. there’s no reason you should be losing ranked progress when it’s a 1v4. the fk are you supposed to do?


It’d be pretty stupid if they nullified losses just because someone left a rank match. Go to actual tournaments and ask when a teammates leaves a match if they should just call off the battle and pretend it never happened there.

343i though does need to put a strong emphasis on creating teams before queuing up for matchmaking though. As it will always be the ideal way to play team oriented games. There’s only so much an AI Matchmaker can do in this regard. Solo queuing and relying on it is playing to lose.

/Sarcasm / Your suppose to die and let the more worthy of players kick your -Yoink!- /Sarcasm/

I got banned after finishing a 2v4 match. 343 really needs to get their game together because at this rate no one will be playing this game in 6 months to a year

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It really stinks right now for sure. There’s no way to join a ranked match after crashing from what I can tell.

yeah only social matches allow mid game joins…

If a rejoin option was added, I’m almost positive you’d see an improvement even with player drops.

It’s entirely possible to reconnect to casual matches, playing with friends allows you to rejoin off of them, it needs to be implemented into Ranked though.

In my mind, players get punished three times when this happens (non-purposeful disconnects).

  1. The player is punished by not having the ability to rectify the situation (if they choose to) by rejoining a match in progress.

  2. Because there’s no option to rectify the situation, the player is punished with a ban and a severe rank drop.

  3. Because there’s no option to rectify the situation, the player then punishes the team they were on by forcing them to compete unfairly.


It wouldn’t be as bad if you had a complete team doing it together. Then your entire team leaves. I understand though. Part of the game. When we queue with randoms we’re basically doing so knowing that either theres a potential for a terrible team mate, a very good player with a mic, a DC, or quitter etc.

Its not bad to have challenges in ranked for players who only play ranked…but imho, there should instead be static commendation unlocks for ranked. Nothing tied to events. Like how in old games you’d unlock special armor, or weapon skins like how 5 had the target master magnums. Being a player who doesn’t enjoy ranked has their own means to unlock stuff, but ranked imo gives even more incentive for those who enjoy playing it. The static commendations are things you progress over the long haul of the game. You get them as fast as you put in the time to get them, or not at all if you hate ranked. So long as we have both sides having good unlocks. We shouldn’t just give the middle finger to everyone that plays ranked though.

The commendations aren’t things you use the swaps for. Static and never changing for achieving special feats.

he bought a free game?


if 3/4 people on a team disconnect because of the game from a match in an official tournament and nothing is done to account for it, that’s a garbage tournament and i wouldn’t be playing it. besides, I’m speaking solo ranked arena. not a tourney where things are set up to best avoid this from happening. and where you are on comms with your teammates. this logic does not apply.

Oh well, it sucks, but a loss is a loss…

I’ve already felt the consequences of other games allowing bans to be nullified when people leave before and I’m not going to even consider it a good idea for this game.

use a challenge swap then…?

'its not my fault, blame the system" LOL ok so you didn’t press start, scroll down and click on quit? Yes, then quitting out is your fault. But hey keep trying to justify acting inconsiderate, whatever helps you sleep at night

I drop because I’m sick of having over 200 ping , because the game doesn’t have server selection, if my ping is above 150, I’m out…not even a matter of debate I’m leaving, stuff your rank

The response time needed to the amount of sweat produced in ranked it’s not worth the shot disappearing, the punches not connecting, the splash from nades that don’t register

If ping to high, ima say bye

I just made a thread on this, perhaps 343 can add a Concede option. Where you can techniqually quit and give the win to the other team without taking penalties or bans.

Because 1v4 Slayer, or objective is not fun for either side

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This actually should be fixed. Lets see, what can we do to mitigate the impact of players leaving and improve the overall ranking experience?

  1. If the team with less players loses, no ranking impact. For starters. And if they win, extra bonuses.

  2. Allow players to vote on maps before the start of the match.

  3. Allow players to vote on game mode.

Side note: why the hell are the same 3 maps on rotation?

I find it funny that back in the day (1998-2008), developers had more content with less capital and less staff. I think the problem with these games is the IP rights held by the publishing agencies. We have these big publishing agencies (backed by money hungry banks and private equity) filling the pockets of their investors and completely losing touch with why they decided to make games in the first place.

I imagine bungie has a bunch of engineers that slave away to crunch through the code in minimal time. They may get paid decent. But paying high salaries to copy and paste coders is why these developers keep putting out trash games.

This game has serious potential to be a great competitive game. But it has so many flaws, where do we even start?

I guess that’s what it has come down to. Putting out cash grab titles and giving the sheeple something to feed on while the same agencies take take take.

To be honest? Maybe there is a serious discussion around ethics on this. Back in the day, you paid a single 40$, then 50$, now 60, and you got EVERYTHING they implemented in the game.

Fast forward to today; Lets add that the aimbotters is through the roof on this one. But I guess 343 and all publishers allow the cheaters so long as they are spending $$$ on the NFT armor colorings.

PSA to all the publishers and banks out there, "stop destorying our past time and go sail on your yachts.

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I can’t even find the playlist to play ranked… it won’t even show up on my Series X. I’ve hard resetted multiple times the playlist just doesn’t even appear.

am I doing something wrong?