Players being able to dual wield weapons

I hope we get the ability to dual wield weapons again. I remember that in Halo 2 and 3. I’d like to see that player ability return in Infinite.

Agreed. In this day and age, mixed dual wielding in FPS or even third person shooters is really rare to see, and it was a lot of fun and made Halo 2 & 3 just that more stand out among FPS’
If balance is so hard then it wouldn’t be the first time a feature would only exist in one part of a game but not the other - In this case, letting us dual wield in campaign but not in multiplayer.
If this will be the “last” Halo game, I feel like it’s kind of a big core, being a part of 2 out of the 3 original defining games.

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> I hope we get the ability to dual wield weapons again. I remember that in Halo 2 and 3. I’d like to see that player ability return in Infinite.

No thanks. It completely makes single wielding a spawn weapon like the pistol so weak that if you can’t get to another weapon you’re so underpowered you might as well just stand there and let them kill you. It’s the entire reason BR starts ever became a thing.

If there were some new kind of paired weapon pickup…well that makes sense since it counts as it’s own individual weapon set. Which might be cool. Switching weapons wouldn’t discard 1. You always keep the dual set until you discard them for another weapon when outa amo. A draw back can be the obvious fact that you can’t throw a grenade unless you swap weapons.

But to add dual weilding at the same of making our spawn weapon weak when used as a single wield…no way. Already felt that and it sucked big time in terms of actual weapon balance.

It was in it’s own way fun to mix and match weapons, and then throwing 1 weapon away at the right time would cause a plasma shot to hit your discarded weapon instead of knocking your shields out…but again though…that first scenario felt so bad I’d just prefer it not there unless theres some new weapon set that was it’s own. Hopefully you get what I’m saying.

dual wield should return ( can be toggled of for custom games and competitive playlists). the dual wield weapons should have an extra utility when hold alone. like the plasma rifle stun from CE, the gunfighter magnums (sidekicks?) quickdraw, the plasma pistol charge tracking, the smg quick reload, etc.

Dual wield ruins weapon balance. They can make the plasma pistol dual wield able but that’s it

Refer to above on balance complaints, I like the additional suggestion from Fractal Echo above, that not only it could be a special toggle left by default off in multiplayer, but also evolve the mechanics a tiny bit beyond the original implementation with weapons handling better when you have both hands available, a tradeoff between dual wielding and single wielding, and if you keep complaining about muh pistol, then seeing how cluttered the roster is, you could easily make two pistol variants, a powerful magnum that is unwieldy when held in one hand, and a more rapid fire stable human pistol like the one seen in the gameplay demo that doesn’t look powerful to begin with.
They made the needler in Halo 3 unable to dual wield, easy to make a human pistol handcannon variant for you people who will still complain that it will become the go-to weapon just like you complain about everything about balance anyway as there’s no pleasing you lot who want to make everything ultra competitive.

Dual wielding felt to fit the action-adventure style of the original trilogy so well because it fed into the theme that Master Chief didn’t care so much about the weapons, he carried two, picked up whatever he found, and ditched them when they outlived their usefulness, like an action movie hero, just grabbing what he finds in a firefight from fallen foes, and dual wielding added to that feel.

It’s a possibility they refrained from picking up weapons like the plasma pistol and needler because they might walk over another and it would display on the screen, i.e “Dual weird weapon”. Maybe they want to save that reveal for a later date.

i know they used the mauler type pistol, but maybe they avoided going anywhere near another. The gameplay route was obviously scripted, with where to go and what weapons to use.

Just a thought, it’ll hopefully be in the game.

I would love to see it again, but it always comes at a cost to balance.

I wasn’t old enough to properly get a feel for 2’s multiplayer, but in 3 dual wielding felt pointless. Close range combat was dominated by melee and the increase in firepower was only slight. Also the close range automatic sandbox was complex and structured in such a way that single-wielding a dual-wieldable gun always felt like you were one piece of the puzzle short.

> 2535469072044761;1:
> I hope we get the ability to dual wield weapons again. I remember that in Halo 2 and 3. I’d like to see that player ability return in Infinite.

Yea this is really needed. Adds more depth to MP.