Players are abusing no collison

Just spotted a new tactic today in ranked. Players are now abusing the no collision to run and slide through you so you can’t get the close melee hit and they can backsmack you. Wild that some next level stuff we’ve never seen before is the norm now due to weird design choices.


Yeah, lots of melee punches clipping through you and one hitting too. Super annoying.


Whoa that explains some of the questionable 1 hits I’ve had…


A simple thing working for 20 years, no one complaints.

343: “hold my beer!”

Seriously… I just can’t understand how a game director which approves something like this has still a job in the industry. Every 5 year old could have told them what will happen if they keep that in the game. Heck, the community did after the 2 flights…


Genuinely, isn’t the lack of player collision only in reference to teammates not opponents? I feel like I read that somewhere, so not sure how this scenario would play out.

It’s all players and it’s so annoying walking through each other, because we have to spin around looking for each other if we missed our punch, or the punch clips and counts as a back smack from the front, it also makes you miss ninja kills sometimes, and also annoying is a teammate walking through you when you’re throwing grenades and it blows up in your face

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Unfortunately they did not turn it on for ranked. It seems like it can be turned on in custom games at least.

I’m just so bummed that as someone who has played Halo on and off for the last 20 years I have to completely relearn the game due to entirely new and out of place mechanics. This learnign curve I’m experiencing is worse than the one I experienced in Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread both of which are games that came out after extremely long hiatuses in their respective series so they had growing pains of being made by a new studio and by chock full of new mechanics that had no place in the game before. Except Metroid gradually increases the difficulty as it introduces the new mechanics so you learn them as you need to use them more. Instead of this 343i seriously threw everything including the kitchen sink right at you from the get go in multiplayer in terms of changed mechanics like no collision and player outlines, etc.

I hate the dance I have to do after a failed melee strike followed by a no collision pass through when in a sortie with an enemy player in ranked (no radar to help reorient you)


So many times when meleeing people you fly right through them and everything becomes a confusing mess :joy:

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It’s all my teammates and i are screaming about in every match at each other “he just passed through me I missed the melee! And… Now I’m dead!” But usually in much more colorful language. :rofl:

I get it if it’s a higher level play thing to be abusing this mechanic but it’s got no place in Halo and this proves it yet again by completely changing the way melee encounters play out on the battlefield.

Removing collision makes little sense to me, really want a clarification on why they assumed the community was split on this issue because it clearly wasn’t.

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I think players of H5 that never played Halo before but other games like CoD that I believe has no collision as well complained a bunch and because there was no fanbase telling 343I they did in fact like collision. 343i changed it to appease the loudest voice, not the largest group of voices.

Welp. 343i clearly is not focused on what’s good for the fans at this point. Guess I’ll play the rest of this month of gamepass then cancel it till I can watch some raw campaign footage to really see if it’s good. Not just trusting YouTubers under embargo.