Player spotlight!

Hey fellow Reach players! As we all know, without the heated debates and possibilities of changes/updates, the forums of old games receive little to no attention from everyday people.

Anyways, I’ve spotted great posts attempting to lure players from waypoint to Reach with similar preferences, and since all we see here is “FLAMES; XBOX: FLAMES;”, I think we should stir things up abit!

**~**Let’s make a list!I’ll start, I play Reach daily, normally playing assassinations & grifball with a side of slayer. Grifball K/D is ~2.0 on my grifball main! (If that matters)

Post below your preferences and shoot a message to a player of your choice! I should be able to keep track and edit the original post, let’s get this forum a little more active on Reach and beyond!


  • Peculiar Angel (Daily) - RunawayTie179 (Plays Daily; Slayer**,** BTB, or most multiplayer.) - MBT808 (Plays Occasionally; BTB, Infection, Team Snipers. Forger for Reach & H2A) - A Wild Myu (Plays Occasionally; Grifball, Infection & Customs.) - vl L3GEND lv (Plays Occasionally; Infection, SWAT, Multi Team & Customs.) - John Leonidas (Plays Occasionally)

Always down to play Slayer, BTB, or most of the other multiplayer games. I play sporadically throughout the day, almost every day. Add me: RunawayTie179

Typically, I’ll be found playing BTB most often, will jump into Infection or Team Snipers from time to time as well(typically will finish among top players, don’t have an average K/D). I’m also a Forger so I spend time working on maps from time to time(either in Reach or H2A). I play sporadically, I tend to jump from game to game.

you can find me in infection if you see me in gb watch out because i will be playing that to hit the cap before going to 1.customs all day 2.sleep. i also hate people who betray for no reason. my favorite map is condemned.

I’ll send each of you friend requests! The more friends, the better!

Sounds like a great idea, I’m in! I play Infection quite a bit, but recently I’ve started playing more Halo 5, so I’m more of an occasional player. I really don’t mind anything really, but Infection, Swat, and Multi-Team are my strong suits. I also really enjoy Custom games. I’ll add you and the list as my friend.

Add me as to your friends list. I got some good pictures and video of me good game play on my account. I need more friends who play halo reach to play with.