Player Outlines and Scope Glint need to be gone

I’m open to being educated.

An accessibility feature that dumbs down the game is a badly designed feature.

How does it dumb down the game?? It is not as if enemies are highlighted behind walls. It doesn’t provide a measurable advantage and it is optional.

It’s pretty obvious that it gives an advantage to those with low awareness as your brain reacts to the vibrant colour and it does everything for you.

People notice each other way more than they would, even in older halo titles. It being optional is irrelevant.

Situational and peripheral awareness are skills, skills that get spoon fed to you in this game in a lot of circumstances, if you use outlines.

I hope you can turn them off in custom games. .

I don’t know why people would want to turn off a feature that helps them. I guess for esthetics.

I didn’t like the outlines at first but I find it hard to play MCC now - maybe that’s an aging thing though too.

Another good tip is to increase the font size - it increases the size of the radar, markers and names above players too.

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Older titles had (and I’m exaggerating) 16 colours and low res graphics. You stood out like a sore thumb.

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I’ll explain why with a simple answer.

This is why. You’ve made yourself worse. Plain and simple, having this stuff spoon fed has done you zero favours.

Colours that naturally occur all the same. Unlike neon vibrant colours, which standout far more.

It’s just how the brain works, the more shiney and bright the more you notice it. It’s why games like fortnite & apex are so vibrant.

Or my eyes aren’t what they used to be (but my TV is bigger so…)

What am I making myself worse at though, really?

We’re talking about Infinite and it’s helping if anything…

I do get what you’re saying though.

Using your own wit and awareness by comparison to being shown it by bright colours.

I honestly don’t think it’s that deep.

But I think seeing your teamates through the walls is something that would dampen your wits a bit more, no? Less communication, less need to check the radar, etc.

What’s it like with them off? Have you seen an improvement or decline?

The lack of team visibility has certainly made communication more necessary. Which is a good thing.

As far as awareness goes, I still very quickly spot enemy players. I’m not so sure if my observation is better than it was with the outlines but it’s definitely no worse and that speaks for itself.

So to clarify you are advocating to make the game “better” by making it more competitive? Okay, I’m going to respond under the assumption you intend these changes to be across the board as far as playlists go and not just competitive play. I’m also assuming all the listed features will be turned off even though the list and the following statement are double entendres with double negatives.
Now you want these features gone to make the game more competitive, honestly who is asking for this? Sure competitive play maybe for some of it but game-wide? The game has a divide between competitive play and casual play and their respective playlists. So arbitrarily promoting a mending of the two has already been proven to not be what the community wants. I.E Halo 5 and 343i’s preference for HCS and its pro players lets their preferences dictate features throughout aspects of multiplayer.
That being said I do have opinions on the features independently of your argument for more competitive play.
Scope glint
Personally, I prefer the feature in the game. Now that’s not to say it’s perfect and we shouldn’t touch it. I think it needs to be more attuned to H5’s sniper glint as currently, it obscures the player model.
Friendly fire
Absolutely not griefing aside, we can already look at examples where this becomes an aggravating feature. This will undoubtedly become an annoyance to the point of diminishing players fun and if this is a way to diminish grande spam an easier way would be to simply reduce the number of grenades off spawn, on the map, and the amount a player can carry at any one time.
Player collision
Sure why not honestly I don’t see how this affects the game in any considerable way positively or negatively.
Player outlines
First, we already have an option to turn it off so you only want this off to bring other players down to your handicap. Second, you have already stated you don’t know if having it on or off affects your gameplay so what does it matter if players have it or not? To me, it doesn’t really matter as it’s literally just a replacement for the Red v.s Blue. I think your letting the fact that it glows lead you into a false perception that it makes the game easier.

Sounds more like a you problem

Honestly… Glint is one of those mechanics that I feel does not belong in Halo and was added for feature parity with Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The Sniper Rifle in prior Halo games (minus 4) already had significant counterplay, and putting a giant searchlight on the gun does not really help “balance” it more than it was already balanced.

This provides players with a massive handicap if they turn them off. There was absolutely nothing wrong with giving players the team-based colors that worked for 20+ years of Halo. Well, up until there was a renewed focus on getting people to see a cool thing and then having them spend money on it.

Look, I get that they want coatings to be front and center, but the outline system just doesn’t work properly in Halo. It isn’t nearly visible enough at close-range, it doesn’t provide proper feedback on shield flare, and it makes it harder to tell friend from foe regardless of what outline colors you choose. It works in Overwatch because you know who is who on each team (like you know the Reinhardt is an enemy if you don’t have one). Team Fortress 2 made it pretty clear way back in the early 2000’s why having a clear color palette that cannot be confused for another was clear. If you’re RED, you see BLU, you shoot BLU and vice versa.

Titanfall allowed you to customize your character into any color you wanted, but still understood that enemy Pilots need to have clear, easy to read identifiers. They made the enemy Pilots have easy to read red lights instead of blue ones, and I believe they also darkened enemy pilot colors so they stood out more as well.

Gameplay functionality should not be sacrificed so little Jimmy who bought his C-3PO coating can feel good about his purchase at the end of match screen.

Halo Infinite has a serious issue with spoon-feeding players information. Back in Halo 3, you had to know when and where you could find weapons. Now there’s a giant blaring HUD icon for it. Weapon lockers can also be found with a scan instead of having to… Ya know, find it on the ground. Skilled players identified weapon spawns and moved accordingly.

Scope Glint dumbs the game down by putting a giant searchlight on enemies using any weapon that has a Scope. Skilled players in prior Halo games knew where Snipers were, when Snipers were there, and how to counter them (force de-scope by shooting at them, heavy ordinance on camping spots, different approaches).

The Outline System isn’t as bad but it does make sneaking harder, and increases visibility in dark zones. Remember how Spartans back in 4 and 5 did not have proper lighting cast on them? Basically, the same situation here.


This isn’t competitive in the same sense as, making strafing as fast as it is or designing 4v4 maps to be as frantic and atypical 3-lane as possible.

Making the game less dumbed down, awards smart gameplay. Not just hard-core and not only benefiting the best players. I believe this would benefit everyone. Wholesale.

Why would you? At that point you’re just arguing in bad faith as we know Player collision isn’t on. Friendly fire is already turned off. So… all you’re doing is seemingly arguing in bad faith our of ignorance all of pseudo-intellectualism over literacy on a forum. Where, I bullet pointed - it was shorthand and not full sentences.

Player collision on, no sniper glint and friendly fire were all present in previous social arenas such as H3 & Reach that I’m sure most of the casual audience would agree feel less sweaty than Infinite.

Which is, one of the criticisms of Infinite. My suggestions would in fact, reduce the frantic nature of the gameplay. It’ll encourage players to be more thoughtful, careful and hopefully make the pacing feel a little less break neck speed constantly.

  • Sniper Glint

You say this, but it negatively impacts social/casual play in favour of comp play to keep this in. No new person has a chance with a sniper when scoping paints a target on your face…

Sniper trails are sufficient to find a sniper if you use your brain.

Using your brain is what I’m encouraging with all of this, not arguing for the sake of ranked play as I don’t even play it.

I’d rather see the enemy sniper than just see the blaring glint.

  • Friendly Fire

People who want to grief, just get in vehicles. And you know what? They always have and always will be rare. I’d rather get teamkilled once or twice a fortnite than be constantly killed by a enemy rocketing me and their own team with no consequence.

This actively hurts the game as it just makes everybody worse, it makes lazy and unfun tactics have more merit and reduces punish for stupid decisions. None of which is good for casual or competitive play.

  • Player collision

Seriously? Halo is a sandbox game and being able to jump on your teammates head and perform a boost has been a thing in Halo for a long time.

It’s part of what makes halo, Halo. It contributes as one of many random factors that leads to memorable moments.

It’s also essential for custom games. Jenga, Trash compactor, ect.


  • Player Outlines

I want other players to have to use their own eyeballs instead of relying on a cheap gimmick. Yea.

I know it doesn’t affect me because I already have good awareness and possess those skills. Skills that were required in the previous titles.

It matters because I know it would penalise ignorant or oblivious players. As it should. Being sneaky/using stealth used to be an actual valuable skill in Halo. We’ve lost that, along with plenty of other parts of the franchises identity due to this nonsense.

Bring back the old “hardcore” game type nomenclature and just have specific hardcore modes where there is no outline on enemies. Boom, everyone’s good.

Or, just improve the game.

That would be a good experiment for 343 to do to see if these features/changes are needed and wanted by the fan base, and not just the vocal ones on the forums.

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I apologise. There are other sight impairments, hearing impairment, mental (cognitive and attention related), and physical disability (even age-related degeneration) where the time to parse enemies from scenery and friend impacts time to response.

I think the outline is also not ideal. Compared to Splitgate where there is a literal overshade, but it probably because they want players to see others cosmetics. But Splitgate has faster TTK.