Player Outlines and Scope Glint need to be gone

I’ve been playing Halo Infinite without outlines ever since the update, months ago. We don’t need them, at all. I never ever get confused as to who is on what team, your enemies don’t have names over their head - it’s really simple.

We need to turn off this stuff off, 90% of the time that people spot you when you’re flanking it’s because they’re being coddled by blinky blanky outlines that just let you know that someone is coming.

It’s dumbing down the game. Same with scope glint, we have eyes. We don’t need this stuff, and I think the game would be better off without it.

  • Scope glint
  • No friendly fire
  • No player collision
  • Player Outlines

Turn all this stuff off, you’re easily improving the game.


I like the scope glint. But agree it doesn’t need to be like a search light on a helicopter.

Friendly fire needs to be on. Across all modes.

Player collision I’m kind of OK with. I think it works well at the beginning of the game… and when players are using equipment. Maybe it just needs to be on for those instances.

For the rest of the game you are kind of spreading out from your team mates anyway.

Player outlines are fine. Sure. Have the option to turn them off you if you don’t want them. But keep them as an option.

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I don’t think basic accessibility should be removed. Turn it off if you don’t need it.

Scope glint is annoying. I don’t think it enhances the gameplay. Player collision would be fun. Friendly fire in casual would lead to a lot of griefing I’m sure.


Turning player collision back on just increases the skill gap, and makes players more aware of where they are and what they’re doing.

No baby mode.

It’s already an option to turn them off personally, but frankly they should’ve never been there to begin with.

I don’t agree that it’s an accessibility feature, for colour blind players just use basic accessibility features that are in plenty of other games.

Better to have some griefing and a whole lot less careless nade spam and explosive abuse.


Scope glint=Remove.
No friendly fire=Keep.
No player collision=Keep.
Player Outlines=Remove.

I’m glad you enjoy playing with a handicap, but I’ll stick with color coordinated enemies that Halo has always embraced.

@xLEFx777x pointing out that color coordinated teams have always been a staple in Halo is bait?

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Halo 5 handled glint well. Never felt like too much. Idk what the difference is there and here, but 343 needs to figure it out. They can start by not revealing your location there thin walls.

I understand why FF is off, and to some point I’m ok with it. No Betrayal!!! But its absence makes grenade spam unbearable especially on zone modes like Land Grab and Total Control.

Collision needs to just be on. The game feels so fake without it and it would fix like 30% of the issues with melee.

Not a fan of outline, but it’s an accessibility thing. I there was a way turn on RvB or just make all enemies red or something.


Enemy outlines are not necessary for colorblindness accessibility. They are if we need to rely exclusively on color for identification, but there are other ways (already in the game) that don’t require enemy outlines. This feature has done nothing more than make target acquisition extremely easy for everyone. Take outlines off for all players, but leave friendly outlines as optional.



Scope Glent = Toned down for Sniper Rifles, not removed
Player Outlines = Don’t touch, turn them off yourself if you don’t like them. There is an option to do that don’cha know?
Player Collisions = Sure, why not
Friendly Fire = For Game Specific modes perhaps

I would def like the option to toggle on/off player outlines.

This is available under the s accessibility tab in settings


You can turn outlines off completely in the settings menu.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. It’ll be nice to try it out for a change.

I’ll never understand why anyone likes enemy outlines.

Everyone looks the same to me and I don’t want to kill my teammates in competitive. Also a vision thing for me I guess, less time to process and quicker engagements.

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Agree with all these things. Halo Infinite barely even felt like a sandbox shooter.

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But you can identify teammates by icons, names and friendly outlines, not to mention just general awareness.
You see a Spartan that isn’t outlined or doesn’t have the friendly icon? → pew pew

That’s why it’s under accessibility. Clue is in feature category.

I’ll quote myself here for you.

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Why do you only consider one kind of sight accessibility? It is more than eyesight issue. They offered colours for colorblindness. But trying to explain these things to ablebodied people is usually pointless.