Player firefight voiced don't play in matchmaking

Has anyone else noticed that playing match-made games of ODST firefight causes player combat dialogue to not play? Whenever i play in matchmaking I notice its oddly quiet then I realized none of the player characters talk to each other even when playing as non rookie characters that should talk like Johnson or Buck etc. AI dialogue works fine but player characters only make damaged or dying sounds. If you play a custom firefight as anyone other than the rookie characters talk frequently as they should. Odd thing I noticed that I haven’t seen brought up anywhere else. Tested on PC, will test on Xbox soon.

Interesting find! Be sure to submit a ticket over on the support site if you haven’t already detailing your finds so that this issue can be addressed properly by the developers.

This was in the patch notes for the season 6 update today and while it is kind of fixed its still not 100%. Dialogue for picking up weapons, reloading and throwing grenades works as intended now but the dialogue for headshots and kills/streaks still does not play. Also as of this update all ODST characters hands are black now… lol. Odd odd stuff in ODST firefight.