Player fined over $3000 for critical analysis of Season 2

Well yeah, thats unruly behavior on field.


No, i mean if they do it after the match in the press.

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When your game is so bad that you can’t even keep the players on your payroll from speaking bad about it.


Eh yeah, but refs ≠ devs

The refs don’t fine them, the league fines them.

If a professional football player doesn’t do his after game interviews he gets fined by the league and his team.


Sports don’t have devs and you were talking about sports not being ‘sensitive’ and i just pointed out they are :wink:

And 343 and their team are there employers, so thrashtalking them is not okay. This is in principle a fireable offense. So that he got a fine, is completely normal.

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I know, cursing 343 out is like cursing the dead people who invented the ruleset for football is what im trying to say.

You do realize that this is the company that doesn’t care about Halo and that once again, Certain Affinity is cleaning their mess right? You shouldn’t be surprised at all.


You can tell them a billion times and they’ll never understand or listen

“Oh no, someone credible spoke bad about our half finished game! Enact line 17 of Paragraph 48! Protect our assets! It’s the only thing we can do because we surely can’t fix Infinite anytime soon!”

This should have been seen coming from a mile away… Spartan isn’t the only pro to voice his opinions about 343’s poor handling of Infinite, he’s just the only one who used Twitter + profanity and rage, so he was singled out.

If I did this at my workplace, regardless of reason, I would be fired. Him lashing out like a giant baby also isn’t going to solve the problem.

Genuinely he might not get offered a contract by a team he is interested in due to something like this. Especially if it happened again. If anything this might be the deterrent he needs to self reflect on his conduct. Professionalism is a big thing for a lot of these companies and it wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of them have been talking to their players about their social media presence since this incident.

Considering there have been lots of complaints about it, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t on the radar. If anything though when someone acts in this way it doesn’t really help the issue. Other pros have addressed it and shed light on it without poor conduct. People are selling the narrative he was fined for criticism, not conduct which is a false agenda pusher to paint 343 as unable to take criticism. They have been put on blast for Infinite and you can tell how dejected they are. Which they should be, they made some poor decisions and have been facing community backlash for it. Sounds like they are addressing a lot of the issues though. The drop pods will tell the full story.

But yeah players get fined all the time in lots of games, it’s nothing new.

Agreed. The way you act when trying to give criticism of a product from the company matters as much as what you say. I’m sure if he was calmer and more civil about it, 343 would have focused MORE on important feedback than giving a fine.

Sounds like he violated his contract in some way. But he is certainly right, 343 just doesn’t know what they’re doing. And it caused a pro to loose his cool. Would be nice if more pro players asserted how much work really needs to get done with this game.

You clearly don’t know what free speech is so please shut up about it because you make the rest of us look stupid. If you sign a contract that states “I will not do X” and then do X, they have every right to hold you accountable as per the terms of your contract. This is nothing to do with muh frozen peaches.

An e-sports figure breaching their contract and recieving the expected consequences of that. isn’t going to lead to fruitful halo discusion