Player death animations

Noticing the flaming skull death animation a lot more now… I would like to have that turned off. It’s distracting and just doesn’t sit with me. If YOU want the animation when YOU die, that’s fine…but 343, please turn it off for when I die and it’s coming from someone else.
Or at least give us the option to turn it off. Forcing it upon the player isn’t cool.


I kind of agree with you here. Maybe the effects could be moved to happen with weapon explosions instead of kills.

This seems like a nonissue, tbh. If you don’t like the effect, that’s something you’ve gotta learn to deal with. It doesn’t actively harm the objective experience. There’s a line between requesting universally-beneficial toggle options and wanting 343 to cater to your every demand.


Where did I ask for all my demands to be met?
It’s an issue because it’s a customisable option where I have no control over it. It would actually be a universally beneficial toggle option, an opt-in if you will.
I do agree with you, it doesn’t actually objectively harm the experience, just like it doesn’t have any proper benefit . you get the kill, and you move onto the next target. So why are these animations in the game at all?

The simple solution is not to die.

You’re welcome.


Didn’t want to make a thread myself but, that stupid skull animation drives me nuts.

Can’t stand seeing it. You’re totally right; if I equip it for myself why are other players being subjected to it?

Even the flaming arms/skulls are cringe to look at but, to a much lesser degree.

I want a kill effect that has a hologram of our Spartan teabagging the person we kill’s screen. $20? Okay 343, deal.


It’s a non-aggresive way of taunting your enemy without resulting to teabagging or verbal abuse in post-game lobby which I’ve always considered unsporting.

Therefore I have no issue with it and welcome it’s addition.

Also, if people can simply turn them off they’ll be less appealing in the $$ store (and I’m sure they’ll appear there in the future) therefore it ain’t gonna happen.


there is no point to having cosmetics in this game if no one else can see them. sounds like an insecurity issue to me friend.


My personal favorite death animation is the “spastic snail”

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I’m assuming there will be tons more death effects as the game matures. It’s annoying that the only one in the game is the flame skull but it will be less annoying later on

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There in the game as a revenue stream for 343 and MS. Lmao.

I think a toggle for turning them off, as we had for assassinations before, is a reasonable idea.

In the meantime though, I’ll remember to turn on the flaming skull for every gun. I had no idea it made people so mad lmao