Player Created Maps are broken...

Keep in mind, this is my opinion of the maps and nothing more. I’m sure there are plenty of people that like them (somehow) and I’m sure it cool to make a map and get it into matchmaking, but don’t force me to play them every damn game.

I, personally, enjoy Sword Base, Countdown and even Reflection. Asylum is okay at times and Uncaged is also a good map every now and again. The only problem is that none of them are given as choices anymore.

Not only that, but Bungie charged 800 MSP to get maps that I don’t even play anymore. I hope 343i puts them in a separate playlist like H3 when they had Maption Sack.

Anyone else feel the same?

cage and bungie asylum are just as broken.

i do agree that i would like to see more dlc maps in rotation but i do enjoy alot of user created maps (even though the best ones arent chosen for matchmaking)

i just wish that their was more color (but that is a forge problem not the map problem)