Player Count @ 37,203 Peak on Steam

Game needs Battle Royale or some update Warzone mode with MASSIVE Scale battles etc.

Get rid all the delays.
Stop trying to make it this highly restrictive feeling gameplay that “is Halo” lol
Halo is more than just that particular rhythm of multiplayer fights you old school fans fell in love with.
It is a total game franchise.
The game can never expand or change…AND WE CAN NEVER FEEL LIKE BAD…SPARTANS…cause

it isn’t the way you grew up to Halo and nostalgia.

wake up

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BR is the last ditch effort of every dev. Stop trying to slap it onto every game. Go back to COD/Apex. Halo is bad enough already, don’t make it worse.


Idk, I’m constantly seeing friends on my list jump back into Infinite all the time. It’s not to say that 343 is doing an abysmal job (it’s not even an argument to say they could be doing a lot better), it’s more that players don’t stick to one thing made today for longer than a few hours at best a day. Most will play something new for a few hours and then jump into something else, new or old.

New games just don’t hold a players interest because they’re made in mind that people will drop them for the next best thing and then they’ll just try to reel them back. Which is kind of sad really, I remember playing old games for years before actually becoming bored with them.


The steam sample size is large enough that it almost certainly represents the trend of the entire playerbase when considering percentages. Xbox players might behave slightly differently than PC, but it’s not going to be a drastic difference.

It’s lost 85% of its peak player count on Steam. Probably means it’s down at least 65-70% in total, and continuing to drop.

This is really the case and point. People on this thread act as if this hasn’t happened before.

It happened with 4
It happened with 5
and with MCC

They all charted negatively with only the it’ll get better crowd sticking to it. In this case it likely will. I think the question realistically becomes how long? and how long is the player base willing to wait after blatantly being lied too.


There’s no need to be a jerk man. I’m right with you there with wanting a response that speaks directly to the list of concerns we have, but we just need to all get along. It’s the best way for everybody, and it’ll actually make them want to give us a response

You’re right in the sense to not be a jerk about it and we’ve tried that. However At this point every single grievance 343i gets is warranted in one way or another. They really aren’t listening either way. The jab at @ske7ch is warranted, a lot of us don’t really understand what the point of a community manager is when the community is in flames and we get a one sided wall of text saying "we’re working on 2 issues out of the 100’s of grievances on this forum. I’ve seen so much better community support from the likes of gags a little …Blizzard. When your bar is set that low you know there is an issue.


Halo Infinite has less than 15,000 viewers on steam right now.

Grand Theft Auto V - 366k
Valorant - 194k
Escape from Tarkov - 106k
Fortnite - 99k
COD Warzone - 99k
Apex Legends 96k

Halo Fans can’t keep denying that this matters…

The FRANCHISE can not hold onto the YOUTH of gaming. The game series is dated. The GAME KNOWN AS HALO COMBAT EVOLVED…NEEDED TO …EVOLVE.

Gaming has moved on
and before anyone says just go back to “classic/old school” Halo

The Master Chief Collection only has 215 people watching it!!!


The way i see it is Infinite is 343i’s last chance at redemption. The Halo community has been through so much with Bonnie Ross at the helm of 343i. Whatever happens now will make or break this series. Nobody will take this game seriously if it flops like it did with 4/5 and MCC.

The sad part is the game can be enjoyable but all of the negatives overcome the positives.

I do think there is room for BR but not right now. We’ve seen in Halo:Reach Custom games browser BR is really fun when done right but at this point i’m highly doubting 343i’s capabilities.

The just COPE mindset is really dumb. When a company delivers an unfinished product and puts the burden on the consumer they should really be ashamed of themselves.


I was really hoping being f2p and cross platform would bring Halo back to its H3 popularity. Its sad to see. Hardcore players got bored/frustrated and new players were turned off instantly.

I feel like the main people still playing are the casual fans in the middle who play like 30 mins a day and arent bored/ frustated yet

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Nah, I don’t think this is true at all. All Halo infinite needs to thrive is:

  • weekly communication from devs
  • fix BTB
  • continually add new maps (at least one a month)
  • fix the netcode/desync
  • deal with the cheaters
  • add new playlists, at least to parity with halo 3/reach
  • improve the battlepass
  • scrap the challenge system
  • add account progression
  • stop with the predatory customization/monetization
  • get Forge and other social features in the game and up to parity with halo reach

The game doesn’t need fundamental changes. It needs content, fixes, and timely responses to community feedback.


Look at those twitch numbers again…

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No it’s because I hate the battle royale format. Run aorund, Loot, die, repeat forever. I don’t wanna sit in a lobby for 5 mins, game for 30 mins and get like 6 kills. Every time one is added to a game it becomes the sole focus of the game and results in everything else getting left behind and uncared about. I.E Call of Duty MW Multiplayer. Bug that happened after the release of Warzone and were never fixed. So say weak response but my point is grounded.


irrelevant to what I said.
It isn’t about YOU.

Game needs something bigger that isn’t this stiff restrictive style of gameplay.
Didn’t say YOU had to play it. GET IT?

It doesn’t even have to be battle royale…it needs to be something new/modern/evolved/not the same ol gameplay for 20 years looking to magically make a comeback lol.

you guys aren’t getting it.

Keep arena old school even…however BIG team battle either needs to expand or another mode needs introduced.
Arena stiff combat just doesn’t compete.


Twitch numbers are not relevant. There are plenty of healthy, popular games that nobody watches on twitch.


it isn’t just twitch…the steam numbers also plummeted. game is barely top 50 most played already…

sitting around 20,000 players right as we speak.

Now, xbox numbers are holding much better at around #4-5 pivoting back and fourth.
It certainly matters what the steam numbers are though.
Is the game not fun to watch?
how does that ever work out for esports?
It isn’t everything but it is certainly telling for a franchise that is billion status with over 500 employees!

That is budget that can be cut and 3 or 4 studios could be made out of that and making new games.


I don’t know what you are trying to get at. I’ve already commented about the player numbers a few posts ago.

I don’t agree at all with your assertion that the game needs some kind of radical hail mary changes or additions.


Battle Royale has nothing to do with viewer numbers.
If you go by the numbers, Valorant & Counter Strike are absolutely killing it and are always on top. Overwatch also blew up and left everything else in the dust a few years ago.

The problem lies in all the other aspects of the game that were purely executed.
However, I agree on the argument that 343 had to bring something new to the table. Every Halo Game in the history has brought new, big gamemodes to the table - 343 could’ve made something epic by making use of the Halo Universe (UNSC Ships, Scarabs, PVE + PVP Battles)

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It is always about oneself.

But it’s kind of fun seeing how things need to be “modernized” when quite a few of the popular games out there have quite untouched gameplay, and been like that for over a decade.

Now, i343 doesn’t take orders from the community, it takes feedback and makes decisions.
With that in mind, I’d partially look towards the “modernization” camp with little imagination as one source of the “decline”.
i343 has seen a crowd on CoD and so forth, then somewhat tried to copy that style rather than actually test something new and interesting.
Say, multi-gravitation for instance, and Zero-G.

But please, let i343 continue with the true innovational and inspirational stuff like Sprint, Clamber and whatnot.


Conveniently leaving out that those games also haven’t made new game releases and have fans that want new games.
You would have to compare the MCC there.

  • number of PC players that are not using steam.

Still, the game is losing players for some legitimate reasons. Which I believe is the point of the OP.


I don’t think I’d play Halo if it had battle royale


have you ever hear yourself talk before?

halo and battle Royale dont mix its not halo’s style like at all


Have you heard yourself…the ego is disgusting in you.
You don’t get to say whether or not Halo would work with it at all and notice how you conveniently left out were I said it doesn’t have to specifically be BR…
Just deceptive trash comment.

Imagine looking at this colossal failure and thinking “I know what the problem is and all the OG fans are stupid. The problem is the gameplay needs to be more like Halo 5 and they need to focus on battle royale!” LMFAO. Astounding. Truly astounding.