Player collisions. Please 343, sort it out!

No collisions?!? Are you having a laugh 343???

The amount of times I’ve gone to hit someone and gone through them, and then got hit myself is ridiculous!

I’ve had people try to hit me from behind, miss, and then I’ve got the hit on them.

It needs sorting out, bring back full collisions, both teams, no exceptions ASAP.

Who decided that it would be a good idea to remove them???

I’m dumbstruck…


Yes the melee system in this game is largely broken. Between melees that simply don’t register, the insane difficulty of meleeing someone a second follow up time, and the inconsistent lunge distance it’s highly frustrating


100% aree. Its not something that Im going to get used to because it just doesn’t work. Because I can phase through players allows that player to instantly be in my line of fire. Now I have no idea if my shots are landing or if the bullets are being eaten by a friendly. I suspect its the latter but a lot of confusion could be cleared up by turning collision back on.

I’m yet to see any reasonable argument for removing collision, it was never a problem & contributed to the game from boosting teammates to higher areas to being a useful tool in custom games

I doubt they’ll even budge on this topic at this point, though.


I hope they budge on it. Ruins it for me, and from what I’ve heard, for most people too.

It’s the most ridiculous decision they’ve made, and one that probably in all honestly, is the easiest to fix.

Getting used to other changes, but this one is driving me crazy. Even the AI will dodge you by jumping around exactly on your position… just crazy. It messes up melee a lot, team mates walking through you from behind and blocking shots, enemies running through you and then spinning around to melee (guess a pc player ploy) etc. I’m wondering if they were having issues with the physics system and had to disable it… was it ever on in any of the flights?