Player Collision

The sandbox does not feel proper without player collision.

I am understanding that the soft enemy collision is currently bugged which is causing the inconsistent melee.

However, I want full player collision.
Feels like a cheap fps without it.

My teammates clip through me and block grenades and shots all the time. They can use equipment to ghost thru me completely and steal power weapons/positioning/equipment/vehicles…

I have never been as frustrated by a body bump as I have been by the amount of problems clipping has caused in just this small sample of time.

20 years of Halo and I’ve always had to be careful about when to throw my grenades.

Now it’s time to spam and pray my teammates don’t walk through my character model without warning to direct them back at me.

Player collision has been in every Halo. I know you’ve mentioned precedent is only a small piece of the puzzle for prior “fixes.” This isn’t a fix at all removing full player collision. Seems like a rush job with unfinished physics worked out and “not enabling for teammates” is just the PR excuse.

Only way I can even interact with teammates at all is via vehicles. I can betray and push them with a mongoose but not my body…


This is one of the changes in Infinite that I strongly disagree with, player collision was never really a problem & made for some creative plays in both matchmaking & custom games.

It’s removal stuns me because, despite them saying there was a split opinion on the subject, I’ve yet to see much discussion on the opposing side about why removing it was necessary

I really hope this is one change they consider reverting, or at least provide a statement as to why this change was absolutely needed.


Yes where are all of the posters on this subject how people just hated collision and melee?!?!


I would just like to chime in with my feelings as a longtime casual player:

I don’t mind removing player collision for allies; it makes it easier to move around the map and move together as a team. HOWEVER, removing player collision for enemies is absolutely maddening, because it means there’s no feedback on when you should be using your melee attack. Colliding with enemies has always been a meaningful part of my ability to know when and how to melee, and now I just have to kinda guess when I’ll be close enough for it to land or not.

Please allow for player collision with enemies!

if they do not put again player collision asap then I’m done with this game

Yes player collision should be on

Bringing this back up

Player collision with enemies has been on for months.

I’ll bet player collision with teammates was turned off as one of the many choices made to make Infinite easier and more “welcoming” for new players (extremely generous melee lunge and autoaim, player outlines, most playlists are AR starts with radar, team chat turned off by default, frag grenades bounce far so at many engagement ranges you don’t even have to look down to throw the nade and have it land near the enemy). The reason we don’t hear many people supporting this decision is most of the people who like it are casual/new and don’t post on these forums as much as more experienced/competitive players.

Capturing broader audiences seemed to be a tenant behind this decision.

Really changed the feel of the game and is inherently less Halo with no teammate collision.

Halo started as a physics simulation dream. Now, they’re removing layers and layers of physics in favor of attracting fans who cling to the shiniest new thing.


I haven’t really noticed it myself, but then again TF2 didn’t have collision between teammates so that people couldn’t block doors and what not. Maybe I’m just used to it that way from other games.

343i doesn’t want you to stand on your teammates’ heads and shoulders and create happy pyramids and selfie material. Whatever can be a source of fun must be condemned. (apart from fun, it’s also realistic to have collisions)


Friendly fire and collision were something that had always set Halo apart from other games I’ve played and one of the reasons I liked Halo multiplayer, and the removal was just one more bad decision in the long list of bad decisions. I just played a game of fiesta and at least 5 deaths were because I could not Melee the enemy, melee is so broken in this game, and come on, the lag is so bad it makes this game close to unplayable. There is that old saying … you can put lipstick on a pig … Drop pod with some fixes is about to drop, so we will see, it either gets better, nothing changes, or more bugs are introduced. Should we start taking bets?


It was a very poor choice to remove collusion because it made you use your head instead just running around like a bat out of hell like a lot of players do, and they wonder why they die so much🤦‍♂️

Halo wasn’t ever meant to be played like CoD and that is how a lot of players try to play infinite.

Personally, I don’t buy the excuses some players give about being blocked, etc… Because if they actually looked at how the maps are designed, there is a huge difference between the original maps Bungie created vs the maps 343 created. Yes, some maps were a cluster, but most were designed to have the room to move around. Infinite maps are the complete opposite.

So the truth here is, collision was never the problem. It’s how 343 designed the maps in infinite.


If 343 ever releases forge and the community starts churning out content it will shine a bright light on how crappy 343 Infinite maps are right now. Some people don’t mind the maps, but to me, 343 maps were designed with one thought, fast and cheap.

For anyone who works with virtual modeling and environments, it’s so glaringly evident there was minimal time spent on map design, Hence the foe F2P scam, they know it’s crap, but they can say it’s free. What has happened is that so many people just don’t care about making something to be proud of.

This is 100% fact, and knowing this 343 really needs to step up their game big time.

Their maps have CoD written all over them, and if I wanted to play CoD I’ll go play the actual game.

You mentioning the f2p explains why there was a lot of poor decisions for infinite and yet to come. I say yet to come because the damage to this game is nowhere near done.

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It’s pure laziness. Lack of collision makes the melee system so awful and rage encouraging. This game bro, I swear to God I’m almost through with it.


They need to look at other games besides mass market US appeals.

Small game made by indie developer that goes by the name of “Counter Strike” famously includes player collision.

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TFT teammates didn’t body block nades, rockets etc.

I highly doubt that’s the reason. There’s still plenty of ways to have funny moments with teammates outside of literally standing on them.

It absolutely should be brought back!! It’s infuriating having a teammate walk through me as I’m shooting someone or I’m hitting an enemy and right before he about to bite it, his teammate goes right through him to take the hits. So annoying!

It’s just so stupid! Why they removed it is beyond me. I can count on one hand how many people complained about this over the years.

Just another classic example of 343 changing things for the sake of change that practically nobody or no one asked for…ugh! Makes me sad :disappointed: