Player collision!

Please bring back the legs and player collision. The game is too fast paced. AR way over powered.
Capture the flag sounds are super annoying.

what are you talking about? you can collide with players just fine? but you can also jump well over peoples heads with crouch which is par for the course in halo

There is no player collision.

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Just don’t get the reasoning for taking player collision off.
Please also change the flag taken sound effect the old effect was just fine. The AI companion gets annoying specially in CTF when enemy pick and drops flag. Keeps repeating the same thing. Haven’t checked is there a way to rurn off AI voice?

I strongly disagree about the AR; I love that the AR is useful in this game, as are the pistol and almost every other weapon (only the plasma pistol seems truly useless in this sandbox). The AR can beat the BR if the person with the BR doesn’t use it in a creative, smart, or skillful way, which is fantastic. What’s the point of having an AR if it’s just worse than every gun you could swap it for?

I do agree about player collisions though.

I see your point. But in reach the AR was useful without being overpowered IMHO.

I would say they’ve hit the sweet spot with the BR. It’s really good.