Player Collision, Will It Be Fixed?

Have we had any response from the devs regarding this feedback from the flights?

I’ve seen it raised a lot and a few big youtubers mention it also so I wonder if the devs are aware and working on it or if they are aware and arn’t going to change it?

Personally don’t like that they took out the friendly player collision, breaks immersion, removes potential plays in the sandbox. I also saw one video where someone was in a firefight and the person they were targeting ended up running through an ally so they could escape the hits and let the ally take over the fight.


I really hope it comes back, especially when playing ctf on behemoth where guy in ghost pushed team mate to other side of map, it’s also when it’s on it makes you think a bit more when using rockets etc, without player collision you can just fire rockets without any thought, with player collision on, it’s better strategy to killing enemy team without blowing up own team members.

Pretty sure the ghost pushing the flag was a bug to be honest.

@SynysterCraig91 Player collision not being in the flights wasn’t a bug either. I don’t really think it needs to be “fixed”.
I honestly love that player collision is gone, the number one thing that annoys me the most with Halo multiplayer is teammates blocking my way of pushing me around - Halo Infinite finally gets rid of that issue.

It’s entirely possible it could show up as a custom game option but for normal multiplayer (ranked & social) I would be very happy with player collision being kept off indefinitely.

Same thing with friendly fire, whilst I’m sure these things are great for immersion they also enable toxic behaviour from players. The amount of meaningless betrayals I’ve seen in Halo multiplayer in MCC alone is shocking , I’d rather Halo Infinite take away friendly fire in social to make the experience more fun by dealing with less endless team killing.
Friendly fire is in ranked, that’s a good middle ground

While I see both sides of it, collision is very much a halo thing. (And Minecraft when you’d push your friend into their own staircase that you recently turned into a lava tube :smiley: )

That’s a feature haha, but in seriousness I get that, but keep in mind without collision those same teammates can fire out of your chest while you tank incoming rounds from their target.

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Well you can’t fire through teammates still, just walk through them. If they’re going to be close enough to shoot through me, they’re likely going to die right there next to me. At least now if I want to pull back I don’t have to deal with the frustration of being bodyblocked by my teammate just casually hanging out in the narrow doorway I want or escape through.

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I honestly think its the better choice for the time being for the casual playlists maybe not so much on the more competitive playlists.

I want to be able to jump on top of my teammates! And push AFKers off cliffs and stuff. Hopefully they bring player collision back.


I’d like to see it on in some playlists and off in others. In Infection for example, you could have all the survivors be in the same spot on a map which would make it incredibly hard to kill them.

Let’s hope so!! Player collision is a must.


I really don’t understand this change, collision hasn’t just ‘existed’ in Halo it’s evolved into a mechanic within the sandbox to take advantage of, for example using an ally to get to a higher place & it’s value in custom games is immeasurable.

I really, really, really hope this change is reversed.


Am I crazy? Or did they even remove enemy player collision? I felt like I often went straight through enemies with melees and got all confused and lost track of where they were.


I cannot really wrap my head around them omitting player collision. Sure, if you want it absent in social game modes, I can understand that a little more (Even though it has never been that way), but I CANNOT wait to not kill someone cause they walk backwards through someone in Ranked and their teammate tanks killing shots as they phase through them. Not to mention player tracking is gonna be hard. I feel like this is a massive miss on 343 and a huge mistake.


Disappointed that they’re not changing it for certain playlists.


They need to add it in. Game feels like a alpha without it.

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I miss stacking on my teammates :frowning:

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