Player collision... again

Ok so we know this has been discussed to death, however other things have had quick fixes and this has hardly been mentioned 343’s end.

I’ve just had 2 instances back to back in one game and then once in the following game where I’ve had a hammer and during the swing to splatter someone in front of me, they have walked through me and back smacked me without even turning around. To top it off, it didn’t even give me the trade.

Regardless if you agree with collision for your team or not, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have collision off for enemies unless you like getting inside other men and slapping their backsides in which case I won’t judge. (Don’t ban me again, it’s a joke).

Please let there be a quick fix to at least turn enemies collision on until you see sense and switch teammates on too.

In doing this quick fix I am convinced many players concerns about melee lunge/connection/whatever issues will also be fixed/reduced and I am certain the quantity of controllers getting smashed against my wall will also be reduced helping the planet :wink:

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There is collision for enemies, it’s just bugged. I once stood on an afk enemies head

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There is not. I have set up a group of 12 people who kept trying to match each other in game opposing teams. We succeeded in social and ranked. There is zero collision. We were constantly walking through each other fast, slow, top to bottom, meleeing - no collision (except the melee when it connected).

It may be bugged but it is bugged 100% of the time so there is zero collision deliberate or not.

I phase through enmeys so there is no none
Glitched or not

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I fully agree, not having player collision with enemy spartans breaks what was a solid part of previous games…please fix!!

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Player collision has got to come back. If punching wasn’t such a core mechanic in previous and current Halo games then this wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but suddenly changing this now is crazy frustrating. I can’t tell how many times I lose kills even though I surprise the person I’m after because they phase through me.

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