Player base size?

I really want to get back into Halo 5 but I don’t want to redownload it only to find that I can’t find a game, can you consistently find games?

Depends on where your pakying from and when your on if your playing from the USA main times you can always find games in from Australia and as our night gets later warzone is non existent but can still find plenty of games in arena

I live in the U.S. and play on the weekends, so I don’t have much trouble finding games. As JC00795 mentioned, it depends on where and when you’re playing. Also, this goes without saying, but switch to Expanded if you are having trouble finding games.

I just started playing again a couple weeks ago and in the playlists I frequent (slayer, super fiesta, Halo 3 throwback, and quick play) I am able to find matches quickly no matter the time of day that I hop on.

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