played campaign,arena last night......Congrats 343

first off i had no issues connecting to games last night. Campaign was not laggy and found games in matchmaking within 1 or 2 minutes.
i did have a couple issues with party chat but for the most part it worked.

i am a Halo vet been playing since Halo CE with wires running all over my house during those crazy LAN parties.
played all the Halos and each is good in their own way.
but Halo 5 is really pushing it to be one of my favs halos of all time.
the multiplayer is phenomenal … balanced ,fun,exhilarating, and very satisfying.
the audio is fantastic! the new spartan abilities are very balanced and adds fresh game play mechanics .
There is a skill gap between players and the most accurate should always win especially with the pistol which i love in this game.
Played campaign got to about level 7 and i was impress so far .
great job 343!!!
truly impressed
cant wait to get off work and go home and play!
also cant wait to see what else you add to halo 5 multiplayer!