played and won some games

So I have played 3 games and won 3 games how ever I had no fun. Halo 5 doesn’t feel or look like halo. There are a few reasons for this but its mostly down to the fact everyone has dumb ability’s and the aim down site is really out of place. Its feels like call of duty advanced warfare but a little more clunky. I don’t mind call of duty but at same time I really like halo and seeing halo become call of duty is a sad thing indeed.

the uniqueness of halo is lost in this current build of halo 5. I’m bored of it already because I played advanced warfare when it came out.

I don’t want to dislike halo 5 but its currently not shaping up to be the game I hoped for

Yeah it feels like call of Duty. You die to fast, everything is more fast, weapons kill cam etc etc.

But it feels like Halo as well. I also got bored of it already, but i will play it more tomorrow and i nthe next weeks, maybe they will add something worth playing rather than just team deathmatch.

Lots of fast action and with only two maps, I too am bored of it. I spent most of three games just -Yoinking!- around trying different things. (sorry team)

3 games isn’t enough to judge a game in my opinion.

I’m not getting a Call of Duty vibe from Halo 5. I’d say kill times a pretty fast, but I remember pretty quick kill times in Halo 2. I like the new abilities and I figure if the community got over dual-wielding as a big gimmick, these new ways to move around the map should get accustomed to.

So let me understand.

You played 3 games, and your opinion about this beta is that isn’t fun and it’s not Halo.


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> So let me understand.
> You played 3 games, and your opinion about this beta is that isn’t fun and it’s not Halo.
> Lol’d.

2nd that Lol’d

I didn’t expect to have any fun - it takes me weeks to get used to a new game…

But I can say with some objectivity:

  1. There seems to be absolutely no aim assist whatsoever, at least not on the AR, SMG or pistol.

  2. If you want to get rid of AAs, then get rid of them. If you’re going to keep one, why thruster pack?

  3. Having serious controller issues, which is an xbone problem, not a Halo problem.

  4. Everything from kill times, to weapons-on-map seems to be designed to speed up the pace of play - for better or worse you must be the judge.

  5. Like the automated callouts, especially in these dark times where no one mics up anymore.

  6. Aim down on the BR (?) seems seriously awkward, although I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. Just not sure what it is that it’s bringing to the table…

  7. Seems to be a return to the H3 worship of speed and power weapons. Not my personal favorite, but again I leave that for others to judge.

  8. AR/pistol starts? ?? ??? Really? Seems especially inappropriate given the on-map power weapons. You’re guaranteeing that some of the players have fun (power weapon try hards) while most others are just there for target practice. Or so it seemed to me. More Halo 3.

I’m gonna continue to think of this as Halo 3 minus aim assist plus thruster pack until I see something to lead me to believe otherwise. If some people are loving it, more power to 'em, but really just not what I want from Halo.