Playable Unggoy

Just like the title says my bros, playable grunts. Some of you seem concerned with the hit boxes of using a different species as an armor core (the much desired elites and the rumored brutes) not being the same as the human hit boxes.

My friends, I do not share these concerns.
I don’t even think it is an issue that needs to be remedied.
Weirdness, glitches, and other such nonsense is what made the games old so wonderful. When you bought a game, the code was what it was. But in the days of new any complaint, and glitch, anything “wrong” with the game is patched.

To a greater end, this is the reason companies feel comfortable releasing unfinished games commonly now. But I digress.

Having different playable species with their own hit boxes is exactly the kind of weirdness halo NEEDS.

“But what about ranked and pro-leagues?”

Exactly my dear sweaty friend, such a "feature would create a new meta and more varied play-styles. And even for pros, they will create whatever rules they want. If they want 100% even starting field then the tourney rules would dictate they have to all use the same species and may lead to more games with all the species, a human tourney, grunt tourney, elites, brutes and so on. Grunts could end up being the master race. Short (harder to see), and with their tanks harder to headshot.

“but grunts usually don’t have shielding”

so give em shields, its mp, who cares. you can headshot a super soldier wearing virtually indestructible armor with a pea shooter. and some grunts do have shields anyways.

What do you guys think?

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I think we can’t even get playable elites back…

a sad fact, a man can dream but yea, i really think halo’s done