playable terminals

I was just thinking. So far we have had terminals that we read Halo 3) and terminals that we watch (Halo CEA). For Halo 4 wouldn’t it be cool if we had terminals that would let you actually control a character to tell a story?

For example lets say that the basic over all story is the Forunner and Flood war. In the main halo 4 story you can find terminals and activate them. When you activate them you start up a short 5 to 10 minute mission where you are a forunner fighting flood. The story could even lead up to the events of the activation of the halo ring.

Thoughts? If you have a better story the terminals could tell do share.

It would be cool, but players could also interoperate the story wrong, i would like the video terminals only cgi instead of the way it was in CEA most of it was animated paintings and guilty at angles you could see he was “unfinished” with detail on his model… but i still like them… sticking to videos seems better

I think that would stay us from the main story line too much. I would rather they put all the juicy campaign stuff in, then left some out to include your idea.

> I think that would stay us from the main story line too much.

But still cool idea

I would love this. I’m in full support it.

What about actual cutscenes?

That’s actually a really good idea. They could easily do that to drop hints for what is to come in Halo 5 and 6.

I’ve seen an idea like this before. The idea was that you would find helmets of Marines throughout the game and they would tell the side story of a group of Marines. You would still have terminals terminals but these helmets would switch up the gameplay.

if they do have terminals in halo 4 i want them to be like halo 3 just have them in text instead of motion animation it seems more interesting and mysterious that way imo, i do like the halo cea terminals they were also interesting but the terminals in text leaves more to the imagination. Nothing more mysterious and eary standing in an empty dead quiet forerunner corridor reading those terminals in halo 3

This is an amazing idea.