Playable Sangheili Protest

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Ever since Halo 4, 343 Industries toss aside being able to play as the Sangheili or Elites. To me, as a Sangheili fan, my heart was broken. And now 343 is continuing that strain with Halo 5: Guardians. 343 said it’s because “they’re big resource commitment & all game development requires production rationalization”. This is unexceptionable because Bungie heard our plees and brought this warrior race into almost every Halo game from 2 to Reach. To every Sangheili fan who wishes to continue playing as a unique alien race instead of playing as a human in future Halo games, protest against this injustice to 343 on Facebook, Twitter, and here, Halo Waypoint. If you want to see our proud warrior race to return in future Halo games like Halo 6 and beyond, please respond and say these words: “Restore the Sangheili for Halo Multiplayer!” Glory to Sanghelios!!!

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Dude, just wear Helioskrill.