Playable promethean soldiers?

343 could give us playable soldiers in the future the hit boxes are basically the same as Spartans so 343 won’t have to worry about balancing them and as for the canon, the unsc found a deactivated army of soldiers that were brought to life by scientists and they are run by human AI instead of the forerunner ancilla or they could be hacked soldiers because apparently hacking 100’000 year old robots is easy considering that Halsey hacked a friggen CONTENDER CLASS AI.

That’d be really awesome as a 3rd Warzone mode: an 8 vs. 8 vs. 8 match between Spartans, Elites and Soldiers with selections of REQ’s enabled. And you guys defend and attack each others bosses or something (wouldn’t know what would be the UNSC boss though, lol).

I didn’t give you permission to read my mind.

Sure, it’s a cool concept but there’s not really a point. 343 should focus more on making better Arena maps.

Custom game player models would be nice. Flood, Elites, Prometh sol etc etc. Would’nt be used enough to cater towards the work involved I guess. But would be nice.