Playable ODST in Halo 3 Custom Games

Since ODSTs are fully realized in both the Campaign and in Firefight, it wouldn’t be a long shot to have a option when making a gamemode that players spawn as their ODST counterpart instead of Spartans or Elites.

Considering that the Flood was recently ported from Halo 3 to Halo ODST, i think this could be very doable.

Even cooler could be to for instance be able to play as ODST in Halo 3 campaign when playing co-op, like when you’re playing more than 2 people at a time, the last 2 players turn into Elites normally but now they could be ODSTs instead, this could be a option players could chose when they join a game.

This would actually be pretty cool.

Cant you just use the ODST armour?


We….we literally have ODST Armor in Halo 3……

I keep asking for custom game use of our multiplayer Spartans and Elites in ODST Firefight, so I think the opposite would be fun for special gamemodes as well.

Difference being ODST’s having no equipment usage, no dual welding, obvious endurance reduction, increased grenade carrying capacity, etc.

Ye, no shields and ODSTs are smaller than spartans, also it would allow you to play as Sergeant Johnson and the other ODSTs in Halo ODST!

I dunno about this, but I did see an interesting mod for Halo 3 (MCC) that ports H3ODST assets over into a BTB map set in New Mombasa at night. Looks pretty friggin cool.

I’d personally rather just stick with Spartans due to model differences and such.

I want to have the SPI armor in Halo Reach. I love that Headhunters short.