Playable Massive fleet battles in Halo

In the halo universe there a massive space battles in which the UNSC and the Covenant engage each other over planets like Reach and Sigma Octanus VI, but not in any of the games do you ever take part in them.

So would you like a halo game be it shooter or strategy that will have you taking part in the large space battles over planets or in open space ?

Give you thoughts and ideas

I could see this implemented into a Wars sequel.

I’ve been thinking of something like this for so long.
I usually think of a game like Star citizen as an example because that concept seems like what any other space sim would be. Or Space engineers. though that includes the production of ships too.
Also, FTL: faster than light comes to mind as that is the more realistic game. You control your power and where to put it/divert it. Similar things happen in the Halo books.
Obviously there would have to be a story to it, not just a recreational experiment, a prequel would be most likely if this were to happen.
Gameplay wise I’m not sure how it would work, would you be a first person captain?, or a 3rd person view of the ship? It seems like something that would have to be multiplayer only, and would require a full crew of real players to operate. Sounds more like a PC project, but I’m a console gamer so I’ll brush that aside…

Who knows, with the SoF coming back (I think?), there just might be a second Halo Wars. I think controlling s fleet, starship with friends would be fun. It would require a full crew (maybe just 5) of players.
Captain: button commands to tell the others what e wants done.
Navigator: the one who controls the ship’s movement and Slipspace drive.
Weapons: one who controls the weapons.
(Don’t know what it would be called): one who controls the power.

I mostly got these positions from the Fall of Reach. Good idea, Kenny!

Just gonna leave this here.

I always thought it’d be cool to have a Star Wars Battlefront type of Halo, like a Covenant ship and a UNSC ship in space and both teams have fighters, turrets that can be controlled that shoot the enemy fighters down, you go into the enemy ship and sabotage their systems or just shoot them to death from the outside.
Hate to be unoriginal but it was worth it

There is a mod in-development via the video-game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

Your dream will come true.

I can imagine a battlestations pacific Halo/space style which would be awesome. Also: