playable flood

Since skins are being used in halo 4 why not for infection gameplay have the zombies look like flood from halo 3 nit the little ones I mean the ones that are the infected marines or elites an the energy sword skin could be an infected arm

Just an idea cuz having zombies where just the colour is changed is really boring to me personally

An adding zombie sounds would also be kinda cool instead of hearing the same sounds for both Spartans an zombies

I guess that would fit the lore, since Spartans would be training to fight the flood.

Ah heck, why not?

It would be pretty fun.

Alpha Zombie is a Gravemind…

Sounds like fun, but I doubt it.

nah-there the “Monsters/Creatures” of the Halo series.

Yeah this has been thought of and asked for many times its kind of rediculous that halo has a zombie gametype and its own unique zombies but they just choose not to use them for whatever reason

Normal Zombies= Infected Marines, use arm as weapon.

Alpha Zombie= Infected Elite, use sword as weapon.


You won’t be fighting Flood in Halo 4.


> Normal Zombies= Infected Marines, use arm as weapon.
> Alpha Zombie= Infected Elite, use sword as weapon.
> Maybe?


Make this a thing 343i.

> You won’t be fighting Flood in Halo 4.
> cwutididthar

Icwutudidthar, but I don’t like it. Maybe Halo 5? I can dream.

Ok I am quite aware of the fact that u wont be fighting the flood but I’m just saying it’d be awesome to play as the flood combat form in infection modes

Also war games r simulated combat exercises so why not throw in the flood in infection I mean they r just training exercises an I’m pretty sure the unsc would want to train the Spartans to fight the flood should they ever re emerge

that would be pretty cool

Been hoping for this for a long time. Hopefully we will get skins for the playlist instead of just a team color change. Lets just not get our hopes up guys.

The Flood - Playable

Really wish the flood was in h4 they were my favorite enemy to fight not sure if anyone remembers mona lisa but i thought that story on its own could be a game like odst.

please, 343i, please have Flood Combat Forms when infected in Infection!

from a Spartan training perspective, everyone knows about the Flood. to say no one doesn’t expect them to arrive again is a lie. Infection can’t possibly be canon unless Spartans are training against fight scenarios against the Flood. so Flood Combat Forms makes complete sense.

plus, 343i just said every gametype has gametype-specific assassinations. wouldn’t they just be lieing if in Infection, everyone has an Energy Sword and is a Spartan? Flood Combat Forms could have a unique gametype-specific assassination where they throw the Spartan down, and force an Infection form in the Spartan’s chest. that keeps 343i’s promise.

also, it adds a unique gameplay perspective as headshots are now different. but maybe easier for n00bs?

and also, it definitely adds an interesting, scary feeling for Infection and makes the gametype very unique.

and also also, one word: Machinimas. imagine The Forgotten Spartans or Rise of the Spartans with Flood Combat Forms in them.

people have been asking this since Halo 3, 343i. please, please make it happen. if anything I’ve ever asked for, this is what I want first on my list no matter what. Flood Combat Forms when infected in Infection.