Playable Elites?

Just wondering as they have the different armour selections if we could finally see the re-introduction of playable Elites in multiplayer.

Hopefully it’s something 343 consider.


I’m assuming the reason they’ve made them smaller in campaign is because we will be having an Elite season at some point.


Nope, as by their last statement regarding this topic from an “Ask343” video they have no plans to include them in the near future.

It is advised to not hope for it though. The last time elites were playable was over a decade ago. This pretty much shows that playable Elites are simply a thing of the past.

Sangheili should stay on Sanghelios.

The Unggoy are the only race we need right now, and the only beings worthy enough to reclaim The Mantle.

You heard it 343i ? Make the right choice.


Elites were playable in the multiplayer portion of Halo 2: Anniversary. The multiplayer ran on a modified version of Halo 4’s multiplayer engine, and H2:A launched near the end of 2014.


Wouldn’t expect playable Elites any time soon, but they certainly have an incentive to *eventually * add playable Elites, as it would open up a whole new set of cosmetics to monetize.
“Spartan armor sales slowing down? Hey, look at this, you can earn/buy pieces of Elite armor now!”

The game is completely based on eSports, so I don’t think that they add playable elites, same thing happened in the last two games of the franchise.

Well hopefully we will get playable Elites soon. it would defiantly get me roped in,

even more recent, MCC: had season of the Elites in June of 2021. Elites are not out of style by any means, kinda makes me want to go back to MCC for Elite armor options.

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