Playable Elites

There’s not much to say other than, I wish they were back. The lore is set up for them to fit into the “War Games” that the Infinity has. I really really hope Elites come back as playable in Halo 6. And hopefully they look a bit more classic than the current ones, I feel that H2A had a great Elite design that looked classic AND new. Also, I know its SUPER far fetched, maybe playable Promethean Soldiers. They’re the about the same height as the player character and can use any weapon or vehicle, at least I’ve seen that they can, please correct me if I’m wrong. Idc about the multiplayer being canon, sure its nice to have a reason as to why reds and blues fight, but at the end of the day I just wanna play Halo Multiplayer. I think it would he sick to have Spartan 4s and Swords of Sanghelios Elites Fighting alongside each other in Warzone. Or even some Promethean soldiers (this is just me dreaming, it may never happen) fighting alongside you too. I think Halo needs two playable races at least. And it should be Elites and Spartans. Promethean Soldiers would be cool, I just like their design, and if they keep how the movement works now in Halo 6, which I really hope they do, it is solid as -Yoink-, except give me a jetpack pls, then they can replace the thrusters on Soldiers with some sort of teleportation, except they are visible while they are moving. And with Elites, I suppose a return to a more classic design would allow thrusters to look good on an Elite’s armor. Or go back to Reach and replace thrusters with barrel rolls, but not allow them to shoot during a barrel roll, and I guess outfit them with some sort of anti-grav boots or covenant like believable item where they can do a ground pound. And their melee charge can just be a Johnny Cage-esque Kick. I say Johnny Cage-esque cause of his shadow kick which is what I had in mind. I am in no way a game designer, know how to balance things or know the first thing there is to know about making a game. But this is just what I hope for in Halo 6. I believe that Elites MUST make a return in Halo 6 multiplayer. The Promethean Soldiers are just an idea. I will be severely disappointed if Elites aren’t playable in Halo 6.

You aren’t the only one.
“For the honor of sanhellios!”(a crowd of elites say in unison)

I’m sure I read somewhere that playable elites will be added in the next update. Don’t quote me on that though.

Feel free to discuss this in the Elites thread: Official Playable Elites Thread

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> I’m sure I read somewhere that playable elites will be added in the next update. Don’t quote me on that though.

Not happening in Halo 5