Playable Elites

We haven’t played as elites since halo reach (excluding the MCC) For many fans this is a crime and should be put right. As far as I can recall they have only given two reasons for their absence. They to tall and 343 only want to focus on Spartan combat. Me personally I think its aload of horse sh*** but what do you guys think?

Here’s what 2 cents on the matter:

343 said that the War games are Spartan training, we all know that right? Now humanity has an alliance, deep cooperation with the Swords of WortHelios and Elites have even participated in the War games. If elites are simply to tall, then they can downscale them. The War games are simulated with holograms and lord heavens know what else ossim possim technology the Infinity has onboard.

Somewhere i caught that elites actually are on 343s list of additions to Halo 5, yet it’s pretty far down on the list. I’ll try to find the source again but don’t hold me to it… Been some time since i watched that video.

I would really like to watch that please find the link! Its funny because the elites we see today are a different breed of elites from a sangheli moon as compared to halo 3 elites, the new elites are alot taller, I don’t understand why they don’t just use the old elites it would be awesome!

Please use the elites thread if you’d like to discuss this further: Official Playable Elites Thread