Playable elites when

Along with this, there are absolutely zero cosmetics for anything related to the banished. Would like to wield an emerald green needler please


Thats like redesigning a brand new core altogether. Its definitely not a priority right now.

But I do agree on having skins for more weapons


Best case scenario, modders add modded playable enemies to forge, just like they did back in Reach. They already did it for Infinite Campaign. I don’t see 343 ever adding Elites, because 343 is obsessed with competitive balance, instead of making Social FUN again, and restricting only Ranked

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While I like them, I’d much rather them prioritize on far more important things first please.


In before lock… there is a main topic for this somewhere. And a few side topics.

Edit: see my featured topic for one of the side topics.

A bright green needler would be incredible!


The way I see it 343 is bringing back classic weapons that weren’t even in the game to begin with so yeah they have the chops to bring back playable elites but I can agree yes they should focus on fixing broken stuff in the first then our Dino’s. The elites already have animations for human weapons as well and for armor you’ve literally got all the elite armor from the past games

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Season 4 at the earliest. I imagine if it happens, it will be a major theme/story event.


They could easily mix it in with the whole spartan academy thing cuz they at least acknowledged that the alliance with the arbiter still existed in some form in their last game

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Balancing and sizes aside.
What about elites vs elites mode?

Solves all their arguments.

Or elites but only for invasion.


Not only Elites when, my young padawan…

Brutes When?
Grunts When?
ODST When?
Jackals, Hunters When?
Flood, Sentinel… ok maybe not sentinels, When?
Didact When?

Let’s start with that 343. And only negative people will say “Sandbox”

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Elites will come to Infinite in the future but only social. I’d day late 2023 at the very earliest but probably late 2024 most likely.

They’ll never do it.

343 is very enamoured and influenced by the competitive scene. It’s a struggle to convince Halo players that there should be more than one gun in the game much less a second in game model.

Non Spartan cores have to fit the same profile and elites, brutes, grunts and jackals are radically different in size, hitbox etc etc.

Given that modders can do this in an afternoon it’s clearly a choice and not a question of resources.

I have heard a rumour that season 6 we are getting a non Spartan core. This is probably the Spartan Droid we see in the art book.

Now, why the UNSC is okay building Terminators after they fought Skynet is a whole other question…. :smile:

Well, there is the Elite skull and Brute shoulder pieces on Rakshasa. Otherwise though…

Would love Invasion to return. Especially with the newer AR. We might even see a form of it in Season 3 (based on the leaks)

I would love to see us being able to play as the banished brutes now too. Elites are saucy.

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I feel like 343 is never going to do it.

343 is insanely out of touch with what fans actually want. 343 seems pretty keen on making the Halo game THEY want which is an entirely spartan focused narrative.

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Yea its been over a decade and it will be at least a couple years of making Infinite what it should have been at launch. Fixing desync is such a massive issue that it’d actually be kinda irresponsible of 343 to focus on elites before that…So yea I just dont see 343 caring after 15-20 years of removing elites.

343 is insanely out of touch with what fans actually want. 343 seems pretty keen on making the Halo game THEY want which is an entirely spartan focused narrative.

Agree with the first part, disagree somewhat with the 2nd. 343 is making the game that is the most profitable that requires the least ammount of effort to create. That is pretty much all I believe at this point, the idea that 343 execs are actually passionate about Halo seems like a really hard pitch to make to me to be honest at this point.


They also have a massive Spartan bias that started with H4. They won’t ever expand the cores beyond Spartans.

Unfortunately probably never, at least in the way they are implemented in 2 and 3. Remember, 343’s Halos are the SPARTAN experience for SPARTANS and SPARTANS alone. The best bet would probably be if they revisit Invasion.