Playable Elites in Warzone!

A moderator locked my original post and directed me to the elites thread… I don’t know what that is so I’m just going to repost the original and add onto it, if you want to explain to me what the thread is, or continue to add on this topic, do so.

“The title is exactly what needs to happen! Halo 5 is an amazing game, with many amazing new features!
Imagine what bringing playable elites back would do. Playable elites are positive as they bring much needed variety to multiplayer, and add many possibilities for the machinima community as well.
Creating equal abilities for elites, as the Spartan have won’t be much work; keeping the elites only in customs and warzone promote the casual, diverse experience for some, and allows for arena to only feature Spartan v. Spartan combat.
Right now now is a great time for 343 to capitalize on
the potential that bringing elites back will bring. I know several people including myself willing to purchase the $100 req pack just to own the various elite armors. What do you, the community think?”

Adding onto that, I want elites spawning with just AR and Magnum. And I’m fine with larger elites, thus making it easier to kill elites. I believe I’m good enough at the game to compensate for a larger hit box. And I think the majority of the elite community would agree.

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