Playable Elites and Non SR ranking system?

I have been looking at some reviews and reactions to Halo 4 and 5 and people seem to want classic Halo controls and game play features like playable elites and SR ranking system. Everyone seemed to love Halo: Reach Ranking system and the Halo 3 playable elites. I know I loved when I would get a special title like Colonel or Commander but instead I would get simply “24”. What does everyone else think, and do you think it should return in Halo: Infinite and what other things should be added?

I would like toll see a mixture of Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

1 - 50 Skill Rank
Recruit to Inheritor (cR System, 20.000.000; 50 is way to redicolues)
Mythical Grades or whatever you want to call them (The Ones starting with “Field Marshall” going all the Way up to “Inheritor”) only obtainable, if you hit TrueSkill 45, maybe the 3 or 4 last Grades even only obtainable with TrueSkill 50. The Same Thing goes for the Marks 5, 10 […], 40. Different Barriers;Locks, that you have to hit, before u can get certain Grades, so maybe Recruit to Seargent can be obtained with TrueSkill 1-4, General Ranks with TrueSkill 40-44, Colonel Grades with TrueSkill 35-39 and so on.

Playlist Ranks purely based on Playtime… Again, something from the 2nd or 3rd Halo 3 Year… People could see, if you play a Playlist more or somewhat less, because u could Rank up from Recruit to General in like every Playlist. That was shown with a little white Rank Symbol behind your Nameplate…

That would make the Ranking System Perfect for me. ^^

I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing the 1-50 system back with playable Elites. ill throw in H3/Reach customization & emblems. But it seems a lot of fan favourite stuff just gets removed for who knows what reasons, so I don’t feel too optimistic about them returning. Prove me wrong 343!

It would be nice if they would seperate PvP vs PvE ranks if they stick with the current method. Playing Firefight and ranking up shouldn’t really match with someone who plays Slayer. I would geek out more than a little if Spartan Ops returned and they refered to you by your current rank Sergeant, LT, Colonel, Field Marshal or what ever it happs to be at the time.


I’m still for a classic ranking system as said above, playable Elites are a must and I might even say Brutes too, especially with how big community “factions” have become. I feel like those guys that wear Helioskrill and Stalker armor sets deserve to actually play as what species they want. (Would make it easier to differentiate between targets in customs)

Level and ranking systems should be different. Where ranking follows your skill by looking at your accuracy and K/D to display your overall ability within the game. Should help the system balance games a little too.

Leveling up should be a representation of dedication to the game. Spartans following military ranks from recruit to whatever the highest would be. If elites are playable then leveling could be separate for the. Following Sangheili ranks as they level up from minor to general to fleet master.

Going to re-direct this thread to 2 separate threads as they are both large features that already have multiple topics open discussing them :slight_smile:

For playable elites, feel free to leave your thoughts here:

To discussing ranking system possibilities, feel free to use this thread for example or any other recently active topic