Playable Elite (H-Infinite) Armor Set (Arbiter)

This is something I have wanted to talk about so long and I’ll doubt it will happen in Halo: Infinite and possibly ever, but it would be God-like if it did. I will admit though, I’m not too fond of Halo Clan “Arbiters” ruining this idea. However, let’s begin!
I want the Halo 2 Arbiter armor to become an actual set of armor to come into the FPS style of Halo (Hoping Halo Infinite) at some point. The way it should be done though is incredibly important to me. If this does happen, 343i has to make this armor special, and the way they can do that is by making it a one-time deal. Meaning… Either do it through a Pre-Order and be sure to keep it that way forever! Or, since Infinite is going to be Live-Service (Yikes) then introduce it to the store one time, and one time only.
I truly miss the days where stuff like Officer Elite or some sort of pre-order bonus was truly special, and the reason it was so special was that it was limited, or only obtainable from a one-time opportunity. Pre-Order bonus nowadays holds no real value because they just get put on the market in time, or like Halo: Reach MCC, blue flames or Officer Elite, everything is obtainable now forever and always will be, which is great but also takes the value of that stuff away.
If something like this does happen though it HAS TO BE a one-time deal. *** NO EXCEPTIONS *** I want to make sure that an Armor like this is 100% special as can be, otherwise I’m going to be pissed if everyone has access to something exclusive to pre-order or a limited time offer(Once in a lifetime opportunity).
As an Elite fan, and someone who hates the clan community, specifically Elite clans (No offense, and yes I see the Irony) I hope that an Armor like this (Meaning the Halo 2 Arbiter Armor) becomes a real thing in the future of Halo’s FPS. The amount of Roleplaying that I could do with an Armor like that!!! That would be like being in a literal heaven for someone like me <33

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