Playable brutes (lore)

There’s a lot of speculation about allies in halo infinite. There is also some speculation about weapons in halo infinite. What if the return to the classic artstyle has playable elites and brutes including skins and personal armors for 343 employees like a tarterus skin and a gravity hammer like the fist of rukt. This idea of brutes in multiplayer is supported by the lore that brutes used UNSC shotgun in the past. If this does get done please give me credit. No need for any thing else but maybe a custom skin. MAYBE no need to get it if you don’t want to.

And if the player finished halo wars 2 on legendary they got atriox as a skin and/or his energy mace.

Playable Elites, Brutes & Spartans all in one game ?? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY lol. Sounds kinda dope tho and if it happens to make into the game I don’t think they would have to owe you anything with all due respect… If my ideas made it into Halo Infinite i would be thankful enough that they granted my wish.

Feel free to discuss other playable species in the ‘playable elites thread’ linked below