Playability of forged map variants'

I recently created 2 map variants, using the new forge 2.0. I can’t figure out how to get players to download either of them. I would love some feed back, as to whether people like/dislike what I’ve come up with! Is there a way to spread the word? I’m not great @ the multiplayer. However, I do understand how the game is played, and believe these maps could be enjoyed by all!!

Both are listed in my share file:
(tag) Heavens edge

(tag) 2 high 2 fly

Add more tags, like ‘symmetrical’, ‘capture the flag’ or ‘aesthetic’ to help get hits. Recommend them to friends and post them on sites like Forge Hub (BE SURE TO GET THEM THROUGH THE TESTING SYSTEM THERE FIRST!).

I’m having a different problem, I made a Map Using the new Forge 2.0 and now I can’t use it on any multiplayer game modes… I’m getting P!$$3D 0FF !!!

Knightmare76294, it has probably got something to do with lacking one or more things in this thread:

(For some reason I am unable to paste a link right now, sorry about that.)

Hope that helps.

The Bouk