Play the objective? Support my team? Nah, I gotta get 3 kills with a bulldog to get XP

These challenges do not support healthy play and teamwork. They actually discourage it.

To be clear, I don’t think the solution is challenges like “Capture 3 flags” either. That would be a huge pain if you can’t find a good team or even if the RNG of the playlist doesn’t drop you into CTF often enough.

Simply put, you should get XP for playing the game. XP for kills, XP for completing objectives. XP for completing and winning games. It’s not that complicated.


They should have just kept the same system from halo mcc it’s not that hard of a concept


You better not get in a game with me while I’m camping the wasp trying to get 15 kills… Are trying to get 10 splatters camping the warthog to just taken off with it. Teammates be -Yoink!-. :joy::rofl::joy: It is such a stupid system because nothing else matters. There’s no reward for winning. There’s no kill death tracker. But I want to grind for that shiny new helmet.


This is what I was afraid of happening, FOMO really getting to people in bad bad way.


Let me just camp this Hydra spawn all game. I hope my team scores some of those power seeds maybe. Actually I don’t care. No reason to.

Don’t get me started on Stockpile!

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Yeah it’s ruining the game. It’s really making the game unenjoyable, after a few games where my team isn’t even helping me to actually play I just don’t even want to play anymore.

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Nobody has to focus on the challenges the whole match. They’re weekly, and anyone can easily complete them in a day or two. Most of the challenges are easy anyway. Kill 3 spartan with the bulldog? It can be done with a single life, and even if you don’t do it one match you can complete it in the next. It’s not like the challenges are asking to get the demon medal.

Well you must be better than me because trying to get a single kill with the dreadfull pulse carbine was a nightmare.

The pulse carbine is a tricky weapon to use. It has a sweet spot that’s kind of hard to get right.

Always felt that way - causes people to goof around in a team setting. Not to mention people quit just to get the right playlist too. Makes getting xp for a win so hard.

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Whoever at 343 came up with the pass system currently in place should be fired. It’s that bad. I played for hours the other night and never got out of rank 1.


Personally I would be receiving this game better if it were just an HD verbatim copy of Reach… the progression system there worked wonderfully, and as much as I love the new sprint and clamber we’ve so clearly gone backwards on progression to sell silly costumes.

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Saddly, I was one of those people, I was trying to level up, but i´m not that good to complete my current challenges so i´m stuck, yesterday I forgot about them and I was having fun again.


You act like objective games haven’t devolved into slayer since the dawn of games.

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Being fired for a slower battle pass to avoid crunch time is a pretty crappy suggestion.

I disagree. They had plenty of time.

Huh? It’s slow because the season is six months, so they can avoid a holiday crunch to prepare the next season. Sure, they can speed it up, but doing so means people are going to complain when they hit 100 with 4 months left until the new season. -Yoink!- if you do, -Yoink!- if you don’t.

It’s slow because they tied all progression challenges.
Thankfully it’s still in beta.

Slow isn’t so much the issue as the challenges requiring you to play a certain way with a certain weapon, often at the expense of being a detriment to your team.