This Friday I will be hosting a custom games lobby starting around 8 pm EST. If you would like to join leave a comment below to RSVP and make sure you send me a message on xbox live to receive an invite (GT: WoodChuck5562). We will be playing several original games on original maps. Also, if you want to play your favorite game or try out one of your maps let me know. Here are some of the games we will be playing:

Flood- I have made a couple maps specifically designed for flood. My newest map is a dynamic map with three areas you will have to travel between. Its very challenging and very fun if you can survive. Another map I have has several buildings you can camp in and gather supplies from.

Assassin- You have three lives to try to eliminate enemy players without guns. I have a giant city map that I made for this gamemode and its a lot of fun. Its kind of like assassins creed.

Siege- One team has to defend a castle while the other has to infiltrate it and attack the objective.

Dogfight- Two teams jump into banshees and have a space battle. One team has a base on a meteor and the other has a giant spaceship.

Hardcore Slayer- Two teams, each player has one life to eliminate enemy players. This works really well on a map I have and is very competitive.

Race- I also have made one race map thats pretty good.

You can also RSVP here:

Hope to see you have some fun playing custom games. Again it will be this friday at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA) and my gamertag is WoodChuck5562, send me a message on xbox to receive an invite.