Play lists and gametypes wanted

I’ll just jump right in and list the gametypes i would want to see in halo 4, the star ones are one i made up or are totally new to halo MM, the ones in parenthesis are modified versions of others. feel free to comment or leave other game types you want to see, of course, there may be way too much.

*slayer limited - limited lives
squad battle
team snipers
lone wolf
*showdown - 1 v 1, booster safe
Classic - classic maps with classic mechanics in case halo 4 is completely different.
Dlc - only playlist that requires dlc maps.
V.I.P. - Keep your vip alive for 1 round, then it switches
Capture the flag - Own playlist
Flag gather - forgot what it is really called, gather flags in your circle
Head hunter- gather skulls awarded from kills, 1 with the most wins.
Assault - 1 or 2 bombs
*Seek and Destroy - 1 bomb, objective not highlighted, 3 possible locations, 1 is correct.
*Domination - Based on team advancement through map. 1 team reaches 3 checkpoints, 1 team defends.
*Defense - 1 team defends an object while another team attacks. Based on seconds, like KotH but no moving around.
*Generator Defense - for multiplayer
Rocket race
(pure race - one person per mongoose, no weapons)
King of the hill
(Double exp weekend - either a totally new, wacky gametype or a modified gametype)
Custom game searches - not my idea, but is a great one.
*(Last man standing - one man infection.)
*Random - for those who can’t decide
*Escort - escort a player to a location with out him getting killed
Big team Battle
*War - BTB+Invasion/CtF+Assault. Can progress through kills, captures, and exploded locations.
*Dog fights - not my idea, a game type with sabres vs. seraphs or banshees vs. hornets/ new vehicle for UNSC.
*(Evacuate - Infect the survivors who are making their way to the extraction point.)
*(Purification - Get a bomb to the center of the map, multiple ways to get there, infected are trying to stop you.)
*Advanced slayer - For those who want AAs if they r not in Halo 4. Only playlist with AAs
Team slayer - multiple teams fighting
Labyrinth - a maze with randomly placed walls with one Minotaur hunting the humans, no respawns.