Play Halo Reach Beta off line, need some information.

This is strictly just a fact finding mission and knowledge expansion. I know for a fact there is a way to do it, I stumbled across it before and I am just curious as to how.

Does anyone have any information on how to do this.

No this is not for hacking, modding, or trying to do illicit things. I just wanna know if it can be done. And yes i know the Reach beta servers are down, thus off line.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

There is a way to view your files that you had with the Beta (if you still have them) but there is no way to play it unless you mod it (That I know of)

not gunna happen bub

Listen guys, I am telling you I have done it via my own stumbling clumsyness, you can play it offline and run it with no one there or a closed party.

But I cant remember how i did it, so any information besides not gonna happen will help.