PLAY H3 so you won't be trash in H4!!

Well, after a long time from a break of H3, i decided to get back to it since H4 is based off the same gameplay from H3 and practice all the way to H4. But the problem is, I used to be very very good at H3 but now from what i see, i became HORRIBLE at this game!! Too much reach makes you horrible as -Yoink- in H3. I am here to let you guys know, if you play Reach way more than H3 the way i do, and go to H4 without practicing on H3, you will damn sure be horrible on H4. So i will be playing H3 from now, all the way to H4 and i suggest everyone else does the same. Add me if you guys want to meet up on H3 and practice for H4. [[The 251st Regiment recruiting now!!]]

Wait, since i changed the title, does it appear on the forum?

Add me - CoachCD. I need players to run games with

Sent the request, I need a few more people to practice with.

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I hope you know Halo 4 is essentially more like Halo: Reach, but with a BR. It’s all Reach w/ H3 jump & BR.