Play as Multiplayer Spartan in Campaign

So this topic has been coming up a lot in anticipation of co-op campaign release, the idea that it would be great to play as our multiplayer spartans in campaign. While I feel the harsh response to the chief clones is a bit of an overreaction, I do agree it would be cool to have the option to play as multiplayer Spartans and see ourselves in cutscenes - in both co-op and single-player.
In the co-op livestream, one of the devs mentioned the option of being chief is so that you can pursue your chief story in both co-op and single-player, which is great for people who want to experience the campaign with friends. I think a good idea would be to add playing as your own spartan as a skull, allowing it to be an optional extra if people choose to want to play as their multiplayer spartans.
I’m not sure on the logistics of implementing this but playing as a custom spartan is possible if you check out the YouTube channel ‘Opulent Halo’ (great channel I recommend checking out) - but that is only through modding at the moment. With this idea being a skull I’m not sure if it is possible to place a new skull on the campaign world at this point, but alternatively it could be added to the UI after one completes the campaign, or earns a specific achievement etc…
This is just an idea that 343 could consider and would allow for more replayability of the campaign and for the fact it would just be really cool to see ourselves in the world of zeta halo. If anyone has any further ideas it would be great to discuss in this forum, but otherwise feel free to interact to boost this so 343 have a chance of seeing this!

(also I’m not sure if someone already came up with this idea so I’m sorry if I’m not the first to this)


You do not need to fret. They make money from the cosmetics, I have no doubt that you will be able to wear said cosmetics in the campaign before long.

Right now however it appears they have more pressing issues… and too be honest I think they would be shot down if they did go to the effort of getting the cosmetics running for coop lauch unless there are no other bugs at all.
The only issue I imagine they would have is if people choose female spartans or whatever with johns campaign voice.

Your skull idea isn’t bad though. To ensure that first play through is true to form.

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Yeah that’s a good point about the cosmetics earnings them money, players being able to see them in campaign could be a good incentive for some. And I agree with the more pressing issues 100%, this is just a nice bonus that could be added once the game is more polished.
For the campaign voice I think that’s probably unchangeable and the fact you can just visually play as your spartan would just be a cool gimmick.

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It’s already possible with community mods.

But it’s too hard for 343

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