Play Anywhere

I’m an Xbox lover but a PC gamer at heart. I still plan on getting a Series X to play Xbox Play Anywhere titles on my couch with the new console. Has 343i confirmed if Halo Infinite will have Play Anywhere support?

Seeing as the multiplayer will be free to play I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a play anywhere title. That’s said, no one has confirmed if it will be one or not.

I’m guessing it will be similar to Microsoft Flight Simulator, where the Microsoft Store version will be Play Anywhere, but the Steam version won’t.

It probably will be. Microsoft seems like it’s completely abandoning the Xbox exclusivity on Halo and trying to make it as available as possible without supporting their competitors. This is why most of the Halo campaigns/multiplayers are being released on PC (why not Halo 5?), and Infinite will have FTP multiplayer. So yeah, I’d be surprised if Infinite isn’t a Play Anywhere title as well.

Yeah judging by what other folks are thinking it would be surprising if it wasn’t part of Play Anywhere.

Basically all first-party games are Play Anywhere titles, so if you buy the game on Xbox or the Microsoft Store app, you own it for both platforms. I don’t know if Infinite will be available on Steam, but it’s obviously another “platform” so you’d have to buy it again on there.

Play Anywhere is basically being usurped by Game Pass in MS’s compatibility and multiplat support strategy. I haven’t seen confirmation that Infinite will be part of the Play Anywhere initiative specifically, but it will unequivocally be part of Game Pass from day one, so if you’re a GP subscriber you’ll have support on all Xbox platforms.