Play. 2 strongholds games…. Easy enough challenge, right?

Played 12 straight quick play matches - 6 were attrition, 3 were slayer, 2 were oddball and 1 KOTH…

343, please move attrition over to Team slayer, remove regular slayer and change the name from quick play to objective… dare I suggest it may actually increase game play rather than frustrating your community…thank you


When the game is still bringing everyone together - look at your ‘roster’ screen.
You can often see the gametype/map before you even load in.

Do what you like with this information.


i think this information might prove useful to him and others lol

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Double check the game list, but I think your odds are better in Ranked. And then, y’know, what :point_up:they said.

I had to get it in ranked.

in quickplay, of the 20 possible map/gamemode combinations
2 strongholds
2 oddball
3 slayer
4 ctf
4 koth
5 attrition

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Yet another fine example of why challenges are an inferior XP gaining method. The concept of playlists simply doesn’t work with them, and yet with every communication, little is said about their progress on a proper progression system.


I had a challenge for playing two oddball matches. You can probably guess how that went lol.


Out of my last 14 matches of quick play, EIGHT were Attrition, and FIVE were literally all CTF on Bazaar. The last one was Slayer. The matchmaking is completely broken right now, and they haven’t even acknowledged it. Never mind the fact that they should just LET YOU PICK GAME MODES FROM A LIST JUST LIKE SPLITGATE DOES.

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The mode-specific challenges (and the entire challenge system) need to go ASAP if this game wants to retain any number of players.

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I actually though 343 “fixed” the ability to see what match you’re going to get in matchmaking and it appears that I was mistaken. The method is still viable to at least help get the game mode you want.

Still, now having Attrition and KOTH added to the pool when you want Oddball or Strongholds…hoo boy.

I got lucky with getting my Oddball Win in an hour but there definitely needs to be less Challenges that specify a specific mode and instead offer more freedom in just playing whatever playlist you want. Or just adding more playlists/filter like in MCC.

I have taken to the habit of swapping any and all challenges that require a specific game mode that isn’t its own playlist.

This is why they need to do what MCC does with challenges, where a challenge that requires an objective game mode can be done in ANY objective game mode.

I have the same challenge.

First game queued into Strongholds. Then played for another 5 1/2 hours. not a single strongholds game was found.

After a while, started leaving when we saw it wasn’t strongholds. Was immediately banned for 15 minutes after the 3rd early quit.

343i literally doesn’t want this game to succeed at this point. They are surviving strictly on nostalgia and shiny glittery objects to buy in the shop. Once that fizzles out, this game will be truly dead.


Yeah break the system, Fight the power!

Or at least combine them into:

  • Asset Denial: (CTF, Stockpile, Oddball, Vampire Ball)
  • Zone Control: (Strongholds, KOTH, Land Grab, Total Control)
  • Slayer: (Arena Slayer, SWAT, Fiesta, FFA, BTB Slayer)
  • Elimination: (LSS, Attrition)
  • Ranked should be included as well, but it shouldn’t have ranked-specific challenges (e.i Complete ranked matches). Ranked should be reserved for people who actually want to play ranked, not challenge chasers.

This gives players more options on how they want to complete challenges and certain modes may be easier for certain players because of their playstyle.

Yup. Had this issue multiple times. Dont understand why 343 still sticks by this challenge system as the primary means of progression.

Its so bad.

Its so terribly trash.

I don’t love the challenge system either but it wouldn’t be so bad if they would just let us pick which game modes we want to play, like pretty much every other online game out there.